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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Frugal Style

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, you may be planning to throw a party. And with all parties, comes extra costs on food, entertainment and decorations. Here are 7 ways to save money when celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

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3 Tips for Saving Money When You are Socializing

No one wants to be known as a miser to their friends and loved ones. But desperate times calls for desperate measures. The state of the economy necessitates that you save on each and every penny that you possibly can. Also, avoiding unnecessary expenses using credit cards, the bills of which you cannot repay on time, ensures that your free credit scores are in good

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7 Financial Benefits to Being Senior

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a senior, like being allowed to yell at kids for being on your lawn and wearing zebra stripes with lime green plaid. But above all, the discounts. There are so many financial benefits to being labeled a senior, and many of them come along with an AARP membership.

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How to Book a Cheap Cruise

Taking a cruise is one of the easiest vacations to take because most of the planning is done for you. There’s no worry about switching hotels or finding a rental car, but you still get to see different places. Here are six ways to book a cruise on the cheap.

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Choosing the Right Television

It’s that time of year again! The time to find the best bargain and get the television you always dreamed of. Year after year prices continue to drop and the right price is closer than ever. Now the decision gets tough. You need to choose the size, brand, and class of television you need. Where do you begin?

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5 Ways to Save Money on a Date

Whether you’re spending time with the love of your life or spending the evening with a stranger, date night is an integral part of our lives. Some people think you need to drop serious cash to have a great time, but money can’t buy happiness, only limited bliss. You can enjoy a magical evening together without spending big bucks. Here are five easy ways to

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How to Make or Buy a Halloween Costume on a Frugal Budget

Looking for ghoulish Halloween costumes that won’t make you shriek in terror at the price? Here are some spooky, funky DIY Costumes ideas, tips for getting the best deals on store bought costumes, and much much more!

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How to Save Money on Holiday Travel Plans

With October well under way, the holidays are just around the corner and it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday travel plans. In fact, the earlier you plan your holiday vacation, the less money you will spend. Here are some ways to save money on holiday travel plans.

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Almost Free Sunday Afternoon Activities

Is your family looking for something different than the usual Sunday routine? Here are some fun and inexpensive ways to gather family and friends on a Sunday afternoon.

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Educational Activities for the Frugal Family

Learning is one thing that never goes out of style, but sometimes it costs money. Here are some educational activities that won’t break your bank.

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