Money Saving Articles

Saturday Morning Savings

Saturday is often times the best day of the weekend. You can sleep in a little bit and still have the whole day to enjoy. Here are some fun ways your family can kick start your Saturday and still have money left over for the rest of the weekend.

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Frugal Friday Night Fun

During the fall, many families leave behind the summer fun and put their nose to the grindstone without coming up for air until Christmas break. So, what if there were fun activities that families could do without dipping into Christmas savings? Here are some fun ways families can connect on weekends without spending a lot of money.

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How to Save Money When Buying a Computer

Because of back to school sales and electronics retailers rolling out new models, August is a great time to buy a new computer. Here is a guide to saving money when buying a computer.

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How to Throw a Frugal Birthday Party

Parties, especially when children are involved, can start off simple, but turn into elaborate, money-grabbing life forms of their own. This guide will show you how to throw a frugal birthday party.

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The Best Time to Buy Everything

For every month, we publish an article about items you should buy during the month. But what about everyday items? Here is a list of the best time of week to buy everyday products.

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The Cheapest Ways to Watch TV

We all need some form of entertainment, whether it’s sports, television, reading or something else altogether. With cable and satellite prices constantly on the rise, here are some ways to get your TV fix that fit into a frugal lifestyle.

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20 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

A lot of us don’t realize a simple fact: The best way to make money may not always be to work for it. It is to save it. Think about it: if you avoid paying unnecessary amounts of money, you could save it and put it to work for you by generating more money than you would by getting another job. Get creative and see

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Your Library’s Free Offerings

Libraries are losing the popularity contest to cable, movie theaters, downloading and pretty much everything else, but they’re still in the game. Your local library offers many free things you should be taking advantage of.

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Save money on video games

Video games are growing in popularity as family entertainment, but it can become an expensive hobby. Here are some ways to enjoy video games on a tighter budget.

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