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Choosing the Right Television

It’s that time of year again! The time to find the best bargain and get the television you always dreamed of. Year after year prices continue to drop and the right price is closer than ever. Now the decision gets tough. You need to choose the size, brand, and class of television you need. Where do you begin?


When purchasing a television, size does matter. There are many factors that go into choosing the size of your television. What room are you going to put your t.v. in? Is it going in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or dining room? The rule of thumb is the smaller the room, the smaller the television. The living room should have the largest television and will usually range from 40 inches to as large as 80 inches. Most buyers choose a television between the size of 40 and 52 inches. In the bedroom the usual size is anywhere from 19 inches and 32 inches. Some choose larger, but how often are you going to be watching television in bed anyways? For the guest bedroom, the televisions are usually about 19 inches, but now that 32 inch televisions are nearing $200, it is more affordable to put this t.v. in the guest room. But, during Black Friday, you can find a 24 inch television for $80. The choice is yours.


There are many brand names to choose from; from Dynex and Emerson to Toshiba and Sony. All of these different brands offer something a little different to the consumer. The most distinguishing characteristic is the border of the television and name that you can trust. The black border around the screen can be brought forward to enhance the screen or thinner for easier mobility. Some name brands have been around for years and have been tested repeatedly for long lasting use. The newer name brands offer the same features, but do not have the longevity of the brands you can trust.


There are so many features you can choose for your television including quality of high definition, the hertz rate, and bonus features not seen in older televisions. The high definition rate can range from 720p to 1080p. The higher the number, the higher quality of high definition you will obtain. This could be crucial to some consumers, but to most it’s not a deal breaker. Remember, you must have HDTV channels to take advantage of this quality or else you will receive 480p quality. The hertz rate defines motion when watching your favorite sporting events. The rates usually offered are 60hz and 120hz, and the higher the faster the rate is. This is more noticeable on larger televisions, but if you have a lower rate you will not have as much clarity when watching rapid movement. The other features are things like sound, internet Wi-Fi, and number of connections like HDMI cables you can attach to your television. These are options you can add on easily after purchase, but included for those who want it in their television for ease of use.

For LED, LCD, and Plasma televisions there are minor differences that can appease the avid television user. LCD is the lower quality and Plasma is the best quality. This relates to the type of color the television will be emitting and the different lighting. For the most part, if you want to spend more money on LED or Plasma it may be worth it, but to the untrained eye, the difference is not noticeable.

Where to Begin

Scan your local ads and electronic stores to find the television for you. The smaller the television the less likely the class features are going to come into effect. The larger the television the class features will make a difference especially hertz and high definition picture quality. There are going to be tons of sales these next few weeks so look at these features to help you decide which store to shop at. Most of the televisions are specifically made for Black Friday and are of lower quality. Last year most of the televisions were 720p but now more are becoming 1080p and have 60hz quality. Most are LCD but LED and Plasma televisions are coming into play as the time changes. Remember, if the price is right then just buying an updated flat screen television and getting rid of your old tube television will make a huge difference.

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