About BillCutterz

We are BillCutterz, and we love saving you money.

Our mission is simple – to save you time and money. On average, our negotiators save our residential customers 25-35% on their monthly bills. Even better, we sit on hold with your service providers so you don't have to.

We have been negotiating bills and making sure that our customers always get the best rates possible since 2009. We do this all day, every day, so you know you'll get the best savings with BillCutterz.

Here’s what we do so you don’t have to...

  • Analyze your bills for potential savings
  • Call your service providers on your behalf
  • Negotiate the best rates possible on your bills

"I sent my bills to BillCutterz and three hours later, they saved me $34 on cable, $22 on my cell phone and another $45 on my electric bill every month. It's so easy and I always save money!"

– Ashley (Houston, Texas)

Our Founder and President

Barry Gross

Over the years, our team consulted with and employed billing and account representatives from major service providers such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Time Warner Cable, providing us insight into the policies and discounting tactics the big companies don't want you to know about. We are passionate about helping people and are willing to go to work for you for free to start. We only charge you when we create savings.

To learn more on the origin of our business, click "How We Got Started" and read about Mindy Niles, our first "customer" and inspiration for BillCutterz. Mindy believed in helping people. Because of her, BillCutterz has helped millions of people save money on their monthly bills.

BillCutterz can save you more money than you could save on your own

Most of our first customers were friends and family members, and this is one of our favorites.

John had a $200 cable bill with all the bells and whistles. One day, after a year of asking for his bills, John sent in his cable bill and simply said, "Here you go. Good luck." Barry called the provider, and the representative said John had called in about 10 days before and was given a $10 loyalty discount for the next year.

He had negotiated on his own and the best he could do was a $10 discount for 12 months. Barry was determined to get more. Through his negotiation skills and techniques, Barry saved John an additional $72 per month (on top of his $10) for the next 12 months, a total of $864 for the year on just one cable bill.

John's story is not unusual. Anyone can negotiate their own bills. But this is what BillCutterz does all day, every day. We are, in fact, your Savings Experts! BillCutterz is likely to save you five times the money you would save by calling on your own, plus we do all the work while you just sit back and enjoy the savings.

Our promise to you

  • If we don't save you money, there is no cost to you.
  • Our customers get the best rates possible.
  • We protect your personal information as if it were our own.
More about the BillCutterz promise

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