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BillCutterz Partner Program

Do you want to tell everyone you know about BillCutterz? Then we want to work with you! Join our Partner Program and we'll pay you for referring new customers our way.

It's easy. Here's how it works:

1You tell people about BillCutterz.

2They save money on their bills.

3We get paid. You get paid.

Partner Program Details

What is the BillCutterz Partner Program?

Our partner program allows us to work with personal finance gurus, website owners and anyone else who loves saving money. When you sign up as a BillCutterz partner, you will get a custom URL to use when referring customers to our money saving services. For every customer you refer, you get a portion of our revenue.

Why should I join?
It’s a Win-Win-Win – You can’t lose.

1. The people you know love to save money.
2. We save people money.
3. You will make money. Easy money.

What does BillCutterz do?
BillCutterz is a bill discounting service that lowers the everyday monthly bills of consumers, organizations and businesses across the United States and Canada. We take your monthly bills, such as cell phone, Internet, cable and satellite TV, electricity and gas, and so many more, and get you discounts.

If we’re able to save our customers money, we split the savings with them 50/50. We have every incentive to save our customers as much money as possible because that’s how we get paid.

Does it cost anything to become a partner? No. Our partner program is free – in fact, we pay you!

How much money can I make? As much as you want. The more customers you send our way, the more money you make.

What is my portion of revenue? Our first tier of partners receive 5% of revenue from their referred customers.

When and how will I get paid? We run partner reports at the beginning of each month for the prior month. Payments are sent via Paypal; we can arrange for other payment options at your request.

Can I quit anytime? If you’re not happy being a BillCutterz Partner, you are free to quit our program anytime.

How long will I get paid for referrals? You will receive commission on your referrals as long as you are a BillCutterz Partner.

How can I promote BillCutterz? We generally leave your promotional methods up to you because you know your audience best. However, you cannot promote BillCutterz using illegal, offensive or deceptive language, images or methods, or in any way that conflicts with our core values or company goals.

We have found that the best method for telling people about BillCutterz is in the form of a personal testimonial.

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