How to Lower Your Electric Bill with BillCutterz

For many of us, our electric bill is one of the most expensive monthly bills we have. If you're in a deregulated market, you're in luck! BillCutterz can help you get the cheapest rates available in your area.

Even if your electricity is regulated, you still have ways to lower your electric bill.

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More Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Electricity is an amazing thing, but it comes with a hefty price. There are two ways to save money on your electric bill:

1. Get the lowest rate
2. Lower your electric usage (kWh)

The coolest part about this monthly bill is you are charged based on your usage of kilowatt hours (kWh). So if you use more electricity, you pay more. If you use less electricity, you can save more money each month.

11 Tips to Lower your A/C Bill this Summer

Summer is here, which means that dreaded A/C bill is about to increase. The summer months tend to be the most expensive during the entire year, especially if you live in the southern states. Follow these clever tips so you can stop stressing and lower your A/C bill today!

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14 Ways to Conserve Energy This Winter

Are you dreading this month’s electricity bill? Are you keeping your thermostat lower than you prefer to delay your next heating oil delivery? No matter where you live in the United States, this winter has been a rough one. People across the country are experiencing record low temps and record high bills.

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