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Best Time to Buy: June

June, the month when summer officially starts, holds many great sales and discounted items, but you have to be on the lookout. Because shoppers are more likely to be outside than inside shopping, you have to look a little harder to find the best deals.

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5 Things You Can Live Without

Guest post by Jessica of Almost everybody is guilty of forking out more than they can afford on small items they don’t need. What I am talking about here are those insidious bits and bobs that you don’t realize are gradually sucking your bank balance dry. It’s these little items that are unnecessary and usually priced far beyond their actual worth.

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Guide to Saving Money on Groceries

Unlike other monthly bills, saving money on your grocery bill isn’t something BillCutterz can do for you, but it is something we can help you with. Here’s a guide to saving money on groceries.

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10 Ways to Throw a Party for Cheap

Parties are a great way to entertain and unwind, but they can also get expensive quick. This guide will help you throw a cheaper party for your friends and family while still having a great time.

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A Tenant’s Story: Renting Gone Awry

Get Rich Slowly featured a reader’s story, Rental Properties from the Tenant’s Point of View. The article discusses how he found a duplex owned by a small-time landlord who had difficulties repairing an air conditioning unit. The duplex turned out to be an illegal apartment and the tenant ended up costing the landlord a lot of time and rent because he wasn’t able to repair

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Best Time to Buy: May

April showers may bring May flowers, but the end of April also brings May sales. This month is full of great things to buy at low prices.

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34 Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar is awesome. It’s one of those magical things that have many different uses. Best of all, vinegar is super cheap and environmentally friendly. I keep two spray bottles at hand, one with pure white distilled vinegar and one with 50% vinegar and 50% water.

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The Best Frugal Mother’s Day Ideas

Take a Family Portrait If your Mom always loved yearly family portraits, now would be a great time to surprise her. Dig through your old photos and see if there’s a special occasion you can reenact. Many portrait studios have great promotions for Mother’s Day, JC Penny has a coupon for 30% off.

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Tools to save money on groceries

Grocery shopping is one of your monthly (or weekly) bills that you have control over and saving money here requires planning and forethought. Besides clipping coupons, there are other tools available to help you save money on groceries.

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10 Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs

Econobusters has a great article listing ten uses for plastic milk jugs. Here are some highlights: Cut the tops off of plastic milk jugs, poke holes in the bottom and use them to start seeds. Cut the bottom off and use as mini-greenhouses to cover plants. Remove the cap on warm days to let heat out and remove altogether when it gets hot in there

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