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The Best Time to Buy Everything

The Best Time to Buy Everything

For every month, we publish an article about items you should buy during the month. But what about everyday items? Here is a list of the best time of week to buy everyday products.


This one will vary depending on your grocery store, so it may need some verification, but groceries are best bought on Sundays or Wednesdays. Weekly sales usually run Wednesday to Wednesday and some grocery stores will give you two separate sales on Wednesdays, last week and this week. Sunday evenings are usually less crowded and management will be trying to empty shelves of leftover products.

Eating Out

Monday through Thursday usually hold the best deals at restaurants, especially if you have kids. Check with your favorite restaurants for their specials like kids eat free deals or 2-for-1 entrees. Happy hours are often from 5-7 during the week.


Matinees are the cheapest way to see a movie at a theater, usually around $5 per person instead of the normal $8 or more. Many bowling alleys hold specials during weekday evenings, especially for kids. However, be sure to ask about conflicting bowling leagues so you aren’t rushed out.


Gas is usually best purchased on Wednesday mornings. Gas stations raise prices on the weekends so the middle of the week is the best time. You also get more gas for your money when buying early in the morning or late at night due to cooler temperatures. Here are some more tips for saving money on gas.

Car Rentals

The best time to rent a car is generally Tuesday or Wednesday. Business travelers often pickup their cars on Monday mornings while vacationers pickup their cars on Thursdays. You have a better chance for negotiation on Tuesday or Wednesday. However, if you’re in a tourist location during their off season, weekends might get you a better deal.

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  • Posted by Allison on Jul 27, 2011

    My husband and I have 2 kids and I figured out which places let us eat free during the week so Monday through Thursday we can go out if we want and only spend money on ourselves. It’s nice to have a frugal alternative to cooking dinner every night.

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