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What to Buy New

What to Buy New

A war is waging as we speak about buying new or used items. There are many differing opinions and some products can go either way. But here are some products whose purchase history isn’t up for debate and you should only buy them new. Here is an article about What to Buy Used.


This is something you will be sleeping on for [hopefully] many years. Mattresses tend to have a lifetime of 8-10 years and when buying used, it’s hard to get an accurate lifespan. Over time, skin particles are absorbed into mattresses, especially if it wasn’t covered.


Pillows absorb skin particles and dust, even if they are covered by a pillow case. New pillows can be purchased for under $10 so why take the risk and buy used?


When you buy software, you are normally purchasing a license to use the program. Usually, a software license is only good for one person. Newer software actually checks the serial number against their databases so you might end up being locked out of software you paid for if you buy used.


Buying used tires can be like playing Russian Roulette – it’s risky. Tires that are stressed by poor driving or accidents do not stand the test of time. They are more likely to get a flat or to blowout and leave you stranded. Used tires can also be warped, causing damage to your car.

Car Seats and Helmets

Like tires, car seats and helmets need to be strong. They are protecting something important – your life. Would you take the risk of previous fractures to save a few dollars? If you absolutely know the item’s condition and feel safe, by all means buy used, but unless you are sure, don’t take the chance.


Once a shoe has conformed to a foot, there is no going back. While you may save a bundle by buying used shoes at Goodwill, they won’t last as long and they may not fit well, causing health issues. Wait for a sale and buy new.

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