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Budgeting Tips for College Students

Most students are faced with many new challenges once they have entered college and begin to embark on their academic journey without their parents to take care of all their needs. Along with the excitement of being able to stay up all hours of the night, come and go as they please, eat as much Fruit Loops as they wish for dinner, the responsibility of

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Internet Bill

Just ten years ago Internet access was still considered a privilege in America. Today? Internet is so ingrained in our lives that some people are connected 24/7. You probably have access to the web at home, at work, on your cell phone and maybe on a tablet or gaming console. You probably also have a high Internet bill each month. Here are 5 ways to

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How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – that one day of the year when it’s absolutely unforgivable to ignore your significant other. Even if they’ve told you that they don’t want or expect anything, you must know that they do. Everyone wants to feel special on this day. In fact you don’t need to spend much money and look for the perfect gift for days to impress your loved

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Shopping Tips for Big Sales

Big sales spring up all the time at various retailers and they are a great way to save money. There are some things you must keep in mind, however, before you begin your shopping spree. We have prepared some tips so you can have a less hectic and better organized day when that time comes around. Here are 5 shopping tips for big sales.

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Energy Tips for Travelers: Finding Cheap Energy Wherever You Go

Saving money whenever possible is important to most people, but many overlook ways to save money that are less obvious. For instance, have you considered how you can save money on your electricity bill?  Monthly expenses like electricity can feel rote, but reevaluating energy costs from time to time is a good idea – there are often ways to save that you would not have

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13 Ways to Save Money Traveling the World

Nothing is as freeing as travel. Right? Pumped with the anxiety of seeing something new and exciting makes you restless the days before a big trip. You love the idea of being in exotic places and trying new things, but affording those trips make them few and far between, don’t they? But – what if you could save money while you were on your travels?

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How to Live on a Student Budget

Many people will give you advice on budget living and how to scrimp a few pennies, but few people cannot appreciate the cost of living until they try it for the first time. How you treat your money now will be an indicator of your future monetary success. You will have to decide if your future will be filled with riches or debt. Here is

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Ways for Families to Save Money

Effectively managing a family’s finances can be somewhat difficult, especially for a family that is large in size; however, it can be done. Even with unexpected expenses, creating a budget and sticking to it can extremely help a family stay out of debt. Apart from developing a budget, there are also other excellent money-saving tips that can be followed to help a family obtain financial

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How to Save Money in the Kitchen

If you are a person that tends after his/her own house at I terms of cooking, cleaning and all those little daily chores that could be really tedious, you already know how time and money consuming they could be. Especially if one is not smart enough about it and does not do all the calculations properly. However, things need not be like that. One can

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How to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a necessity if you own your home, and it’s not something you can just cut like a Starbucks run if you want to save money. Let’s find out ways you can lower your homeowners insurance.

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