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6 Money Savings Tips for a Night on the Town

When you’re on a budget, having a night out with friends becomes a rare event because it can get very expensive. It may seem like your only options are to either spend a small fortune or miss out on the fun and stay home, but that’s not the case. Here are some ways to save money while still having a fun-filled night on the town.

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How to do less laundry

Laundry is not only a chore, but it can get expensive, especially if you don’t have your own washing machine. My apartment complex charges over $3 to wash and dry one load of clothes and I don’t even know how much for-profit Laundromats charge. Here are some ways to reduce the amount of laundry you do.

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Best Time To Buy: April

While it may not seem like April is good for shopping, there are actually sales hidden throughout the month, if you know where to look. Here is April’s edition of Best Time to Buy.

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Ten Tips to Get You Through Tax Time

April 18 is only 20 days away — are you ready? Here’s a list of all the things you need to know about filing your 2010 taxes.

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5 Ways to Save on Pet Care

The majority of Americans own at least one dog or cat and chances are you’re probably one of them. You also probably know that routine veterinarian care can get very expensive, not to mention what happens when your pet gets sick or injured. Here are some tips to lower the cost of pet care.

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How to streamline automatic payments

For some people, automatic payments are the greatest thing since sliced bread (except for of course), but for others, it’s a nightmare of confusion and overdrafts. Automatic payments, when done right, will make your life easier and save you precious time each month.

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Spring clean your finances

The first day of spring is just around the corner so why not take a metaphorical broom to your checkbook and clean things up a bit? Use this time to freshen up your finances so you can enjoy the coming spring.

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Eating healthy on a budget

Many people think healthy eating means bland food and a higher budget, but that’s not the case. Sure, you can play the grocery game and get Kraft Mac N Cheese for 10¢ a box, but is that the healthiest option for you or your family? Here are some ways to eat healthy without blowing your budget.

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How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the Cheap

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that reminds most of us of leprechauns and beer. Going out to bars on this day o’ green can get a little expensive so here are some ways to celebrate without spending a small fortune.

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7 Ways to save money shopping online

Online shopping has heavily increased over the past ten years and now accounts for a huge percentage of all shopping. We all know the benefits of shopping online instead of going to a brick-and-mortar store, but are you always getting the best deal? Here are some ways to save money while shopping online.

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