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How to Resist Upsells

How to Resist Upsells

We’ve all been there before: you’re shopping for something or just browsing and a sales associate is trying to upsell. Some people are really good at resisting and some people fall for their marketing jargon. Here are some tips to help you resist the upsell.

Do Your Research

Before making any major purchase, do a lot of research. Look into different products that will fit your need, look at all the manufacturers and models and find out which item will work best. If there are a few interchangeable products, you can then narrow it down by price or other features.

Find out if you need any add-ons or accessories or if you can do without them. This is key because a good salesman will try to make you believe you need the other product.

Another thing to remember is that on large items bought while on sale (think televisions or computers) usually have less profit margin than accessories so retailers try to push other products on you.

Stick to Your Budget

When doing research, figure out market price for your product so you know what to expect. Then stick to your budget. It’s best not to include wiggle room for accessories if you don’t need them. If it helps, bring cash only, no debit or credit cards. You can’t spend what you don’t have.

Get In, Buy It, Get Out

Be as quick as possible through the whole shopping process to avoid upselling. Browsing through the store only makes you more likely to make impulse purchases and leaves you more vulnerable to the upsell. If a sales associate sees you drooling over that iPad2, he or she will begin working on you to make the purchase.

It’s Not Really Time Sensitive

Sales and discounts in the retail world come often. The only time sensitive deals are on discontinued products.

Be Firm With Your No

It’s inevitable that you will be asked to purchase accessories, add-ons or sign up for the store credit card. Be firm with your “No” and do not look back. Some associates will follow up and ask you multiple times so respond accordingly. You can also tell the associate that you will not be buying anything else, no matter what, to cut down on the questions.

Remember that sales associates are often forced to upsell so keeping your cool is important.

Know the Return Policy

Knowing the return policy for the store and the items you’re about to buy is very important. Some sale items are sold as-is and/or non-refundable. Be careful with items like this, especially open box or refurbished items. You need to make sure everything is present and working before you buy it otherwise you will be out a product and your money.

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  • Posted by Ashley on Jul 7, 2011

    Upselling is very annoying and these tips will help. It draws away from shopping when you get bombarded with requests for credit cards at the register.

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