Money Saving Articles

How to Resist Upsells

We’ve all been there before: you’re shopping for something or just browsing and a sales associate is trying to upsell. Some people are really good at resisting and some people fall for their marketing jargon. Here are some tips to help you resist the upsell.

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Best Things to Buy in July

July is the month of sunshine, swimming and summer vacation. Take advantage of the air conditioning in stores and the great sales during July.

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Your Library’s Free Offerings

Libraries are losing the popularity contest to cable, movie theaters, downloading and pretty much everything else, but they’re still in the game. Your local library offers many free things you should be taking advantage of.

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A Frugal July 4th

America’s Independence Day, also known as July 4th, is the biggest day of summer for most Americans, complete with a barbecue and fireworks. Since many of us are on a budget, here are some tips to have a Frugal Fourth of July.

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Save money on video games

Video games are growing in popularity as family entertainment, but it can become an expensive hobby. Here are some ways to enjoy video games on a tighter budget.

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10 Frugal Father’s Day Gifts

Are you scratching your head wondering how you will afford a Father’s Day gift? Well, you don’t need to break the bank to put a smile on Dad’s face. Here are some inexpensive gift ideas for Father’s Day that don’t cost a whole lot and come with personal touch that will put a smile on Dad’s face.

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What to do if you’re about to get laid off

Even though our economy has turned around, layoffs are still a threat to many Americans. If you’re about to get laid off (or fired), here are some things you can do to lessen the blow.

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10 Ways to Save on Summer Vacation

From airfare with baggage fees to hotel stays, vacation costs can quickly add up to serious money. Making frugal travel decisions does not mean you will sacrifice fun. Follow this guide to save money on vacation.

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What does the CARD Act mean for you?

The CARD Act went into effect over a year ago, but many people aren’t aware of what it will mean for them. This law includes new rules and huge changes for the credit card industry.

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Top Money Tips for Couples

There is no doubt that managing your own personal finances can be challenging, but when you factor a partner into the equation it only gets trickier. For many, entering the territory of handling money as a couple can feel shaky and bring a level of uncertainty, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The key is to maintain a level-head and to keep savvy.

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