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Black Friday 2020: Tips to Snag Great Deals

Commercials, coupons, and creative marketing emails. These are just a few of the ways retailers try to get our attention for Black Friday. Of course, as with most things in 2020, there’s a caveat. Black Friday the way we know it—long lines and enormous crowds—is gone this year. Instead, you’ll likely find yourself making smart purchases behind a screen on November 27. Whether you’re planning

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Fun, Safe, and Frugal Thanksgiving

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Thanksgiving will look different this year. However, by taking certain steps, you can still prepare to have a fun, safe, and frugal Thanksgiving.   1. Read up on How to Stay Safe  The COVID-19 pandemic is still going on, meaning that certain safety guidelines and recommendations are in place. As a good starting point for planning how you’ll keep you

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5 Ways to Save Money on Essentials

In life, there are wants and needs—the items, like food and toilet paper, that are absolute essentials. And with some smart shopping strategies, you can spend less on those essentials, and put that money in a savings account or even toward a “want.” Here are five simple ways to spend less on the items you need.   1. Price Shop While you might have a

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5 Places You Can Turn to for a Financial Health Boost

  The internet is filled with financial tips. Whether you’re browsing a major news site or just scrolling through Reddit, you’re bound to find some form of financial advice. While we offer plenty of our own guidance on the topic here at BillCutterz, we also enjoy reading what other experts have to say. Here are five places (aside from ourselves) we recommend you turn to

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What to Save Money on This Fall

  The change from summer to fall may not feel as drastic this year, given that we’ve mainly spent the last several months at home due to the pandemic. However, if you’re in a financial position to do so, this fall is still a great time to pay less for certain items—and you don’t necessarily have to venture to a store. By shopping online, you

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4 Places to Look for Free, Family-Friendly Virtual Events

  The pandemic has redefined the way we have fun with our families. Many activities, like trips to amusement parks and movie theaters, are no longer safe. However, many virtual, family-friendly events can help you create memories at no cost. Here are four places you can easily find free, virtual, family-friendly opportunities to have fun.   Museum Websites Many museums have taken their in-person events

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Get Your Financial Ducks in a Row!

No one wants to imagine themselves dying or becoming severely disabled, but it is important to plan for these possibilities from a financial perspective. If you’re comfortable with your finances and have an ample amount saved up for retirement, you likely believe you’ve got all your financial ducks in a row. But if you fail to plan for the end of life financially, you might

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I Hate Paying Monthly Bills! How Can I Ease My Pain?

Nobody likes getting bills in the mail and having to take the time out of their busy schedule to pay them, but for some, paying monthly bills can be a real source of dread.  If your budget is tight, you might feel anxious each month, imagining all that money leaving your bank account. You might worry there won’t be enough left to cover your kid’s

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Eight Tips to Make Yourself Happier

We all long to find more happiness within ourselves. Sometimes, when our lives get so busy with our daily routines and responsibilities, the potential for happiness can easily be forgotten. With commitments around every corner from work, family, relationships, and our social lives, is that happiness achievable? In the words of Aristotle, “Happiness depends on ourselves.” As unique individuals, we each have our perspective on

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Five Useful Tips for Saving on Groceries

In times like these, saving money is one of the biggest things on people’s minds. One of the most essential expenses for households is spending money on your grocery bill. Whether you are a family of two or a family of six, it’s crucial to find ways to reduce spending on your weekly shopping trip. With grocery stores raising their prices for goods and people

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