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Eight Tips to Make Yourself Happier

We all long to find more happiness within ourselves. Sometimes, when our lives get so busy with our daily routines and responsibilities, the potential for happiness can easily be forgotten. With commitments around every corner from work, family, relationships, and our social lives, is that happiness achievable? In the words of Aristotle, “Happiness depends on ourselves.” As unique individuals, we each have our perspective on what happiness looks like for us. Whether you have a busy schedule 24/7 or more laid back, it is possible to look deeper within yourself and find what could help boost your happiness. With this in mind, we have brought together some tips that can help you start searching and put into perspective several ways you can find happiness on your terms.


1. Evaluate Your Basic Needs 

Each person has different needs, so take a moment to evaluate what your basic needs are. We all need sufficient sleep, a healthy diet, shelter, exercise, and a social life. Are you getting enough of these things in your day-to-day life? Finding happiness through your basic needs will ensure you are getting enough of them. Whatever your daily routine may entail, it’s essential to reflect on things you could improve on. Practicing healthy habits such as enough sleep, eating a nutritious diet, exercising, and being around those you love can positively impact your happiness. Perhaps it sounds harder than it seems, and we understand it can be.

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to take care of ourselves, especially when our lives are chaotic. Our recommendation is to start small in making those changes. It’s hard to make significant changes all at once; however, with the right balance, you can find an improvement in your daily satisfaction.


2. Identify Happiness Roadblocks & Setbacks 

We all have those specific things that keep us from being happier and achieving the things in life we so desperately want. Identifying obstacles that are getting in the way of your happiness are pertinent keys to unlocking potential. What could these things be for you? Roadblocks and setbacks vary on such a broad spectrum and can differ for everyone. Whatever these may be for you, identify and find a way to conquer them. You are not alone, and you may find others in your life who are experiencing the same thing as you who may be able to offer you advice. As you keep finding new ways to move forward and work with these issues, you will improve your life and increase your happiness.


3. Understand Your Limitations 

Sometimes we don’t understand our limitations until we are practically hanging off a cliff, and it’s too hard to climb back up. Some personal restrictions may include not enough time, you can’t make everyone happy, not enough money, not enough knowledge about something, or not enough energy. What are your limitations? If you do not know your limitations, you cannot be genuinely happy or productive. Also, keep in mind not to compare your limitations to other individuals’. This can be an issue if we compare what others can do, especially if we cannot do those things. In the modern age, we are expected to keep up with everything all at once, and this is not something that we are naturally programmed to do. There are limits to what we can do, and it’s imperative to know ourselves so we do not overexert beyond what we can handle.

Little by little, we can implement positive changes in understanding our limitations and getting ourselves to that place we want to be. Remember, Be Gentle to Yourself.


 4. Find Joy in the Little Things 

When we get so wrapped up in our routines, finding joy in the little things can become more difficult. We tend to forget how happy these little things can make us feel. Try to remember what these things are for you and make it a goal to keep in touch with the little things. It could be savoring your hot cup of coffee in the morning while watching your kids enjoy their cartoons or appreciating the unconditional love from your pet. You could even take a walk outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. These little joys in life can impact us on a grander spectrum by keeping us connected with our humanity and the things that bring happiness within.

Make a Gratitude List daily and write down just three things you are grateful for. Put them in a coffee can or box for future reference. This exercise will increase your happiness and make you more appreciative of life.


5. Declutter Your Space 

If you are someone who enjoys cleaning, well, this is perfect for you. Even if it’s not your favorite activity, there are benefits to decluttering your space. Over time, personal possessions can clutter up our space and clutter our minds as well. Don’t let something or someone live rent-free in your mind…try your best to just “let it go.” There are proven studies that show the differences in our brain when our space is cluttered vs. organized and how it can negatively impair focus and overall happiness.

Our partner Andrea Woroch gives some great tips on how to turn your unwanted clutter into cash. Cleaning out clutter you may be reluctant to tackle will leave you more motivated to do the things you love. That motivation could even put some extra cash in your wallet as well!


6. Give Back to Others 

When we help others, it gives us a deeper satisfaction because we are helping someone outside of ourselves. This satisfaction is a physiological response called, “Helper’s High.” It is a feeling that we get from helping others that raises our endorphins, brings down our serotonin levels, and makes us feel happy inside. This can be accomplished by helping loved ones, volunteering, donating to a charity we love, or just performing a simple act of kindness.

Helping others is one of the most driven things we can do. One project I love is called, “365give,” and it provides great ideas on how you can help others, even from afar! You can find some tremendous virtual ideas for giving here.


7. Make Peace with Your Money 

Money is a complicated relationship that we all struggle with. No matter what your relationship with money may be, money can be connected to your happiness or stress. It could be the root of your joy, and it could be that dark cloud that brings you sorrow. It’s necessary to make peace with whatever situation you are in. If you are looking for ways to improve yourself, remember this: “If there is a will, there is a way.” At BillCutterz, we help people save money on their bills every day, and knowing that we can impact our customers’ spending less money on their monthly bills is rewarding. If you don’t know where to start with your money, consider consulting a financial advisor to develop a strategy that works for you and your family. Keeping your money situation in perspective and knowing where you stand can lead to positive results.


8. Do the Things You Love 

Lastly, an essential key to happiness is doing the things you love to do. People will tell you what you should do, and why you should do them according to what makes them happy. At the end of the day, it all points to what YOU like to do and what you love. While keeping up with your responsibilities, don’t forget to take a break and find excitement, peace, and happiness in one of the many things you love doing. It takes courage to do what you love, and you should not feel guilty about it either. A tip is to write yourself a list of these things and find times that would work best for you. If your life is filled with stuff you must do, try spending the remaining time on something you love to promote a happier you.


We hope these tips have brought you some helpful perspectives on what you can do to enjoy a happier and healthier life.



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