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I Hate Paying Monthly Bills! How Can I Ease My Pain?

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Nobody likes getting bills in the mail and having to take the time out of their busy schedule to pay them, but for some, paying monthly bills can be a real source of dread. 

If your budget is tight, you might feel anxious each month, imagining all that money leaving your bank account. You might worry there won’t be enough left to cover your kid’s newest extracurricular, or even the week’s grocery haul.

Or maybe you have enough money to cover your bills, but you still wish you didn’t have to give up so much of your hard-earned money each month. When you add up the expenses of rent/mortgage, insurance, electricity, water, WiFi, cable, and any loan payments, it can be downright depressing to think of how much you have to pony up each month.

Luckily, there are ways to make your monthly bills less dreadful. Keep reading for our top tips on cutting down your expenses and reducing your monthly bill-related stress. Heck, with these tips, you might even feel proud when you get your next bill in the mail! 


Tip #1: Have at least two income streams.

If you’re struggling to cover your bills each month, developing an extra (or multiple extra) income stream is a no-brainer. But even if you are financially comfortable, it’s wise to have a backup income stream in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a great example. Many individuals who felt secure in their jobs found themselves laid off, and those without a backup gig were left floundering. Who could’ve predicted a global pandemic? That’s why you want to brainstorm additional income streams now, even if you’re doing well financially.

Just about everyone has a skill that they don’t use every day in their day job. Monetize it! It could be crafting, baking, babysitting, lawn-mowing, or just about anything people are willing to pay for. Bonus points if it’s something you enjoy!


Tip #2: Automate your bills.

Aside from being unsure whether you have enough to cover your bill payments, remembering to pay them on-time is a big stress component when it comes to paying bills. Luckily, just about all bills can be automated. You can automate your credit card bills, utility payments, mortgage payments, tuition payments, and most memberships and subscriptions. 

It’s great not to have to think about your bills, but don’t think about them too little! That can result in overdraft fees. Not fun. Make sure your checking account has a safety cushion at all times.  


Tip #3: Budget, budget, budget!

Budgeting is financial success 101. It can also ease the pain of high bill payments. The more you’ve got in your bank account, the less you’ll stress about bills! 

Check out our top seven worst budgeting mistakes to avoid.


Tip #4: Look into money-saving hacks.

Outside of budgeting, there are even more ways to save yourself money each month and make your monthly bills less painful.

Utility bills are flexible, directly dependent upon how you use your utilities. Water bills can be majorly reduced by simple day-to-day changes like turning off the water while you brush your teeth, fixing that leaky faucet, and taking shorter showers. Do the same with your electric bill by making it a habit to turn off lights you aren’t using. You can save even more on electricity by cutting the cord altogether and switching to solar energy.

Entertainment expenses, including eating out, going to the movies, and at-home streaming platforms, aren’t essential for life, but they are for a happy life! You shouldn’t feel bad about these expenses unless you’re overpaying for them. Here are some ways you can reduce your entertainment expenses.

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Tip #5: Negotiate deals.

It’s a mistake to assume your bill amounts are non-negotiable. The tough part is that, as a consumer, you can’t read your providers’ minds to know where there is wiggle room. But if there is, and you’re missing out on a better rate, that’s hundreds, even thousands, of dollars down the drain of the course of years. 

Luckily, the saving experts at BillCutterz are here to help! Get in contact with us today to be sure you are getting the best possible rates, and take the stress out of paying your monthly bills!


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