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How to Save Money on Heating Bills

Worried about how you’re going to heat your home and pay the bills this winter? You’re not alone. With the economy still in trouble and utility companies raising their prices, many families are going to struggle to make ends meet during the coming cold months. It’s therefore very important to save money by conserving heat in your home. Losing warmth unnecessarily simply means that you’ll have

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How to Winterize Your House on the Cheap

Even though winter isn’t quite upon us, it’s time to start getting your home ready for the cold temperatures. Here are 6 ways to winterize your house on the cheap to get ready for this winter.

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Tips to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

Since it is already mid-December, it means that holiday shopping is well under way. Once you’ve got your list, shopping for gifts is an adventure in itself because you have to battle crowds, sales and empty shelves. Here are some tips to save money on holiday shopping.

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Best Things to Buy in December

December is the month of holiday shopping, pretty lights and candy canes. It is also the last month in our installment of Best Time to Buy. Here are some of the things you should buy in December.

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10 Tips for Staying Warm This Winter the Frugal Way

Growing up in Michigan, I remember snow as early as Thanksgiving. By this time of year I would have been pulling out my long underwear and pleading with my dad to turn up the heat. Now living in my own apartment in south Texas, I am not so apt on cold days to crank up the heat. This winter I found some new ways to

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6 Tips for Frugal Gift Giving this Year

As a graduate student, I know the frustration of wanting to go all out for friends and family during the holidays but not having the budget for it. I can imagine how my fellow classmates who are starting their own families feel during the holiday season. Here are six tips for giving frugal gifts this holiday season.

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How to Save Money and Stay Warm in Winter

Now that it’s mid-November, the weather is cooling off and depending where you are, it might be extra cold. Here are some money saving tips to keep you warm throughout winter.

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How to Save Money on Holiday Travel Plans

With October well under way, the holidays are just around the corner and it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday travel plans. In fact, the earlier you plan your holiday vacation, the less money you will spend. Here are some ways to save money on holiday travel plans.

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Surviving the Snowpocalypse

With the incredible storm wreaking havoc on half the country, you may be wondering how to survive three days trapped in your house. Contacting the outside world Charge up all the cell phones in your house. Go get that old Motorola Razr out of the basement and charge it. If you’ve lost the cord, it can be charged with a regular micro USB cord. If

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Best Time to Buy: January

The first month of a new year means plenty of discounts, coupons and promotions to take advantage of. January is a great month for consumer bargaining power because most shoppers are not shopping because they’re broke from the holidays.

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