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10 Frugal Beauty Secrets

Looking your best doesn’t have to be expensive. Care for your skin, hair, and body, with salon quality products, without the salon price tag. Here are 10 frugal beauty secrets to make self care more affordable.

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6 Ways to Save on Pet Care

While babysitting my friend’s cat, I got to thinking about how much work pets are and how much money their maintenance costs. Here are 6 ways your family can save money on pet care.

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10 Free Gifts Available Today

Budgeting and saving is not always easy and for most people, it can be discouraging and frustrating. Sometimes we forget the beautiful free gifts we have available to us every day. When it comes to personal finance and frugal living, often times it comes down to perspective. I find that when I focus on what I do have, I am a lot more optimistic about

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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Healthcare Costs through Prevention

The cold and flu season has begun. Your family can save money on doctor visits by taking preventive measures now. Here are 5 simple ways to protect your family from this year’s cold and flu viruses.

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5 Ways to Save Money on a Date

Whether you’re spending time with the love of your life or spending the evening with a stranger, date night is an integral part of our lives. Some people think you need to drop serious cash to have a great time, but money can’t buy happiness, only limited bliss. You can enjoy a magical evening together without spending big bucks. Here are five easy ways to

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Enroll in Reward Checking to Save Money

In these harsh economic times it is difficult to save money or even afford the necessities we need to live. It’s a time of hardship and there are limited resources to turn to for financial support. Who do you turn to? Mom? Dad? Grandma? The bank? Yes, the bank! But not for a traditional loan with high interest rates, enroll in rewards checking.

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How to Save Money on Holiday Travel Plans

With October well under way, the holidays are just around the corner and it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday travel plans. In fact, the earlier you plan your holiday vacation, the less money you will spend. Here are some ways to save money on holiday travel plans.

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Avoid Late Payments by Using Automatic Withdraw

Life is hectic and here is so much to do in one day; some things are bound to be forgotten which can lead to disaster. Some things can be put off for another day, but others must be taken care of immediately to avoid turmoil. Picking up kids from school, grocery shopping and paying bills are some of those things you can’t put off. Paying

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5 Personal Finance Slogans to Live By

Personal finance can cause a lot of anxiety in families, even to the point of feeling like financial struggles are running our lives and ruining our families. Does it have to be this way? Here are 5 simple slogans for personal finance that can help put your money matters into perspective.

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Almost Free Sunday Afternoon Activities

Is your family looking for something different than the usual Sunday routine? Here are some fun and inexpensive ways to gather family and friends on a Sunday afternoon.

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