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20 Ways Military Families Can Save Money

Military families have some of the best opportunities when it comes to saving money. From free education to reduced life insurance to low interest rates, there are dozens of ways to get the most out of your money when you’re in the military. We’ve listed 20 great ways to save, but if you have your own tips or tricks feel free to include them in the comments below. Military families are always looking for new ways to stretch a dollar and make the most of a military income.

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NEW! 20 Surprising Ways to Save Money When You’re on a Tight Budget

If you search the internet for ways to save money on a tight budget, you’ll come across the “usual suspects” of suggestions. Sure, it’ll save you money to use coupons, buy generic store brands, and pay down credit balances each month. But what about the things you could start doing right now that might not have crossed your mind?

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The 9 Best Things to Buy in May 2014

It’s May and retailers are anxious to get you through the door. Wondering what are the best things to buy in May? Stores are scrambling to bring in sales this month and they’re willing to discount, slash prices, and bribe consumers with promotions to do it. Here’s our suggestions for what to buy in May.

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10 Tips: Beginner Stock Market Investing Advice

Stock market investing can improve your financial future or it can devastate it. Before you open an online trading account or move your retirement funds to a brokerage firm, do your research. Read, subscribe to experts, interview brokers, ask questions.

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10 Tips For Getting the Most Value Out of Your Wedding and Bridal Registry

You don’t have to watch an episode of Bridezillas to know that weddings can put a couple deep into debt before they’ve even exchanged vows. When your wedding expenses can’t be cut, one of the most practical ways to reduce the expense of merging households is to maximize your wedding and bridal registry. Before you register at your favorite stores, take some time to do serious planning. If you follow these tips, you’ll end up with more items that are truly valuable and fewer additional expenses when you combine homes.

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What’s in Your Bathroom? Spring Cleaning Tips

We’ve talked about spring cleaning, but haven’t covered this. Find out what’s still in our bathrooms that really shouldn’t be, and get tips to stop it from happening to you!

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Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

When you’re shopping for a Mother’s Day gift, the last thing you want is to appear cheap. Buying a gift for around $25 might seem like you’re trying to avoid spending much on Mom. But that’s not how it’s going to look when she opens your thoughtful and secretly frugal gift.

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Buy Only What You Love To Save Money on Clothes

Building a wardrobe on a budget can be a challenge, but the trick is to buy only what you love if you want to save money on clothes. It may seem like buying clothes is easy, but shopping can be a lot more complicated than it looks on the surface. There are so many potential pitfalls. It’s easy to chase sales and fill your closet with a lot of pieces, until you realize “you have nothing to wear.”

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See Exactly What You Spend With a Financial Scattergram

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Save on Fruits and Vegetables by Buying Locally-Grown Produce in Season

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