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Moving Is Not for The Weak

It’s no secret I recently moved, and since it wasn’t a local move, I had to get it all done in one day. It has been several years since I did so, and I forgot how stressful and expensive it was. I learned a few new lessons this time, so I’m going to share them.   You Can’t Start Too Soon I knew my move-out

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How to Save Substantial Money on Your Next Move

HOW TO SAVE SUBSTANTIAL MONEY ON YOUR NEXT MOVE –by James Levine (Guest Author)   People often get so focused on the cost of their new home or apartment that it is easy to lose sight of budgeting for the cost of the move. And moving expenses can ultimately add up to be considerably more than what you anticipated.   It’s important to spend some

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Ways to Save Money When You Move

We can’t deny that no matter what we do the average human being on this planet would always find ways to save money regardless of where they live. The economic situation floats up and down and in the end an opportunity to save is always welcome. So when we move into a new home we often find out this is another one of those situations

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How to Cut Down on Moving Costs

Moving is a tedious and difficult process. In most of the cases it can even get really expensive. Even if you decide to do the moving yourself, and not spend any money on professional moving services, your expenses may be boosted by unexpected circumstances. In order to do your moving on a budget, you need to be smart and think outside the box. Out there,

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How to Save Money with a Roommate

One easy way to cut back on housing costs is to live with a roommate. There are all kinds of tricky situations that can arise from two or more people living in close quarters, but if you do it right, you can save some major moolah by getting a roommate. Here is your guide for how to save money with a roommate.

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5 Ways to Save Money Moving

Moving homes is an exciting time full of change, possibility, new beginnings – and hidden costs. From hiring a moving company to buying packing tape, those costs can begin to add up. But moving doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Here are five ways to save money moving.

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How to Save Money During a Move

When it comes to relocating to a new flat or house, most people are afraid of the costs it will involve.  Whether moving for a change of place, for monetary purposes or for undertaking new employment, relocating to a new place can be the most time-consuming experience. Moving to a new location involves a lot of stress and can weigh heavily on your budget. Here

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How to Change Banks

The relationship between bank and consumer was put to the test this past year with federal regulations and policy changes. Banks are now limited when charging overdraft fees so they are turning to more creative measures to make their money from consumers. Some of these changes have made customers protest and change banks entirely. If you’re looking to switch your checking and savings accounts, here

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How to Combine Finances When Getting Married

So you’ve decided to walk down the aisle and get married. Congratulations! It also means you have to navigate the tricky waters of combining your lives. Not every couple wants to merge money, but if you do, here is a helpful guide to combining finances when getting married.

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The Ultimate Moving Guide: How to Save Money During a Move

Everyone moves at least once in their life, but for most people, moving comes more often. As a college student, I have moved five or six times since I moved out of my parents’ house. Moving is hard, time consuming, frustrating and most of all, expensive. Here are some tips to save money during your move.

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