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4 Ways to be Frugal But Not Cheap

Do you want to live a frugal lifestyle but are afraid that it will come off as cheap or miserly? There’s no need to worry that friends and family will nickname you “Scrooge,” because there are literally dozens of ways to live a stylish life while still being smart with your money. Below are my top four.

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5 Ways to Save on a Fantastic Vacation

A vacation should be a relaxing time for you to enjoy with your family, but sometimes your finances can cause a strain on the fun. With a bit of effort and careful planning, you can still enjoy a fantastic vacation without worrying about money. Here are five ways to save on a fantastic vacation.

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5 Financial Tips for Parents

Being a parent means a lot more than just soccer games and Band-Aids. You have to plan for the worst and ensure your children will be taken care of if anything should happen. Here are five financial tips for parents to plan for the worst.

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6 Things to Do This Summer for Back to School

Even though school doesn’t start for at least another month or two, it’s time to start thinking about getting ready to go back to school in the fall. Here are 6 things to do this summer to get yourself and your kids ready for school.

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10 Smart Ways to Save Money

With the increasing stress on the economies of the world, prices are going sky-high everywhere. Inflation rates are increasing and it is getting difficult for an average man to live his life with his current earnings. In such circumstances, only those are productively living their lives that are smart enough to know the value of what they’re earning and make effective savings.

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How to Sell Your Car on the Cheap

It’s no secret among consumers that traditional car dealers vastly undervalue cars that are brought to them for trade-in assessment. Most consumers who want to get a fair price for their vehicle simply skip this process, opting instead for a  cash for cars program. This process, while almost always a great idea, can also be exceedingly expensive for those consumers who don’t follow a few big

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10 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

So you’ve already cut back on your expenses by knocking out frivolous purchases like Starbucks, but you want to save even more money. Since you’re already on a tight budget, it takes a little creativity to find additional savings. Here are 10 ways to save money on a tight budget.

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10 Online Tools and Mobile Apps to Save Money

Saving money is one of my very favorite things, and it’s probably yours, too. It’s not just about cutting back on frivolous spending or using coupons – it’s about managing your finances, staying within your budget and finding new ways to save money. Here are 10 online tools and mobile phone apps to help you save money.

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5 Ways to Invest Your Extra Cash After You Cut Back

Sometimes cutting back your spending is the easy part. It’s what to do with the extra cash in your wallet that many people seem to be unable to do. Do you save it for a rainy day? Do you invest it in the stock market? Do you put it under your mattress? This list aims to help you explore five options for spending that excess

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How to Save Money During a Move

When it comes to relocating to a new flat or house, most people are afraid of the costs it will involve.  Whether moving for a change of place, for monetary purposes or for undertaking new employment, relocating to a new place can be the most time-consuming experience. Moving to a new location involves a lot of stress and can weigh heavily on your budget. Here

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