Money Saving Articles

Tips to Save Money on Spring Cleaning

With the unusually warm weather, it’s beginning to feel a lot like spring even though it’s still February. If spring cleaning is on your mind, here are some tips to help you save money.

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How to Have a Frugal Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here are some ways to celebrate with your special someone without spending a small fortune.

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How to Throw a Successful Garage Sale

Throwing a yard sale is one of the most American ways to get rid of your old junk, but it takes a lot of effort and isn’t always successful. Here are eight tips to throw a successful garage sale.

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4 Reasons to Go Cashless and Ditch Paper Money

Cash holds a sweet spot in the hearts of many Americans, but is it just nostalgia? Is ditching paper money and coins the way of the future? Here are four reasons why you should go cashless.

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How to Combine Finances When Getting Married

So you’ve decided to walk down the aisle and get married. Congratulations! It also means you have to navigate the tricky waters of combining your lives. Not every couple wants to merge money, but if you do, here is a helpful guide to combining finances when getting married.

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Budget 101: Debt Management Tips

As promised, this is a check in for 2012 budgeting followers. See 7 Budget Planning Steps for the New Year if you missed the last article. If you have gotten off to a slow start with your budget or haven’t started at all, it is never too late to get on track. This article will provide you with some useful tips for tackling your debt.

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7 Tips to Save Money on Food

Grocery shopping is a huge expense and while coupons can save you money on packaged foods, what about the basics like meat and produce? Here are some ways to save money on food that don’t involve coupons or deal shopping.

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Easy Money Saving Tips for the New Year

With 2012 just around the corner, saving money may be one of your New Year resolutions. To make sure you follow through with your money saving goals, here are some tips to ring in the new year.

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8 Ways to Save Money at the Dentist

No dental insurance? Dental bills costing you more than you can afford? Skipping dental appointments is not an option! Missing your cleanings and exams can cost you more in the long run. Here are some tips to help you save on your dental health.

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Tips to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

Since it is already mid-December, it means that holiday shopping is well under way. Once you’ve got your list, shopping for gifts is an adventure in itself because you have to battle crowds, sales and empty shelves. Here are some tips to save money on holiday shopping.

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