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Is Time Your Greatest Asset or Nemesis?

So many things in our lives can be viewed as a positive or a negative, depending on your perspective. Time is one of those things. If you have a deadline, time is often the enemy. However, the lack of time can also be a great motivator to meet a deadline! I’ve been thinking about time and deadlines a lot lately and have realized my views

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Chasing Happiness

I have always wondered about happiness and why it’s mentioned in our Declaration of Independence as an inalienable right. Even as a kid I was aware that happiness looks different to everyone. All of us want to be happy, but how can we achieve it, let alone define it?   What Did Jefferson Mean by Happiness? I did a little digging on the internet about

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Why I Cashed Out a Mutual Fund and Paid Off My Federal Student Loan

It is very important to perform a little homework before you set out to invest if you don’t want to make the last minute decision of cashing out your mutual fund and wiping out your federal student loan. While there are advantages attached to both and many people can’t find a way out without opting for either one or both of the options, there are

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8 Tips for Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. You can find all kinds of products at different locations from the comfort of your home, and save time and money doing it. Here are 8 tips to get the most out of online shopping.

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Tips for Protecting Your Money and Identity Online

When it comes to being money-wise, most people suggest careful budgeting and smart spending. While you need to watch how much you spend and how much you save, you also need to pay attention to where and how you spend money. More people than ever before are using their credit cards to make purchases online. Credit card safety with online shopping is important both for

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How to Backup Your Digital Life for Free or Cheap

From photos to movies to documents, your digital life is becoming more and more essential to your everyday life and you should protect it. Backing up your data is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a worry-free life in the case of a computer disaster.

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How to Protect Yourself Online

Almost everyone uses the Internet daily for a multitude of reasons. But are you safe online or are you compromising your own security? Here are some tips to help protect yourself online and not be a victim of online identity theft.

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