Save money on your monthly bills with BillCutterz

Do you have a cell phone? Internet? What about cable or satellite TV? You're probably paying an arm and a leg for those services, too. BillCutterz is here to help. Our team of expert bill negotiators call your service providers and get you lower rates on your bills.

We saved Monica and Ryan almost $1500 on their monthly bills for the year. Find out how much we can save you.

1. Signup and send us your bills

Getting started with BillCutterz is easy. Just send us your bills and we'll get right on it.
BillCutterz can save you money on a variety of bills including, but not limited to:

  • Cell Phone
  • Internet
  • Electricity (Texas only)
  • Cable & Satellite TV
  • Landline Telephone
  • Gym Memberships
  • Alarm & Security
  • Satellite Radio
  • Plus many more

The only bills we can't help you with are regulated utilities, credit cards or medical/student loans. All bills must be in good standing.
Electricity is regulated in some states. We're currently negotiating electricity bills in Texas only.

2. We negotiate discounts with your providers

One of the best things about BillCutterz is we do the work for you. Our expert negotiators analyze your bills to make sure you are on the best plan, and we keep track of service provider promotions and discounts, so you know you're always paying the best rates.

3. Your savings appear on your regular bill

Any savings we get for you will appear on your normal bill that you get from your service provider.

The only thing that changes is the price you pay each month.

We split the savings with you

As much as we would love to offer our service for free, we still have to keep the lights on. We split any savings we obtain with you - if we save you $100, you get $50 and we get $50. If we don't save you any money, there is no charge to you.

More about BillCutterz pricing

Our promise to you

Let's be honest, we don't make money unless we save you money. Since we split the savings with you 50/50, you can rest assured we will work our butts off to save you every last penny we can.

More about the BillCutterz promise

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