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How to Book a Cheap Cruise

Taking a cruise is one of the easiest vacations to take because most of the planning is done for you. There’s no worry about switching hotels or finding a rental car, but you still get to see different places. Here are six ways to book a cruise on the cheap.

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How to Have a Frugal Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here are some ways to celebrate with your special someone without spending a small fortune.

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7 Tips to Save Money on Food

Grocery shopping is a huge expense and while coupons can save you money on packaged foods, what about the basics like meat and produce? Here are some ways to save money on food that don’t involve coupons or deal shopping.

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Tips to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

Since it is already mid-December, it means that holiday shopping is well under way. Once you’ve got your list, shopping for gifts is an adventure in itself because you have to battle crowds, sales and empty shelves. Here are some tips to save money on holiday shopping.

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Save Money with Amazon Subscribe & Save

Amazon.com is one of the largest online retailers and they offer a variety of incentives to shop with them. If you shop with Amazon a lot, their prime membership gives you free two day shipping and access to their video on demand service. Another great program offered is Subscribe & Save, which can save you a bundle. Here is your guide to saving money with

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Best Things to Buy in December

December is the month of holiday shopping, pretty lights and candy canes. It is also the last month in our installment of Best Time to Buy. Here are some of the things you should buy in December.

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6 Tips for Frugal Gift Giving this Year

As a graduate student, I know the frustration of wanting to go all out for friends and family during the holidays but not having the budget for it. I can imagine how my fellow classmates who are starting their own families feel during the holiday season. Here are six tips for giving frugal gifts this holiday season.

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Choosing the Right Television

It’s that time of year again! The time to find the best bargain and get the television you always dreamed of. Year after year prices continue to drop and the right price is closer than ever. Now the decision gets tough. You need to choose the size, brand, and class of television you need. Where do you begin?

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How to Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

The Friday after Thanksgiving and the following Monday are the two biggest shopping days of the year. Retailers hold incredible sales, but the big problem with taking advantage of them is that tons of other people will too. Here is your guide to shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

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Save Money on Furniture

Are you tired of searching endlessly for furniture? Are you sick of hassling with salespeople at the furniture store trying to sale you savings that aren’t saving you any money? Do you want something affordable and stylish? Look no further, the power is in your hands. Buying furniture can be a pain or a great pleasure. Everyone wants to fill their house up with furniture

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