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How To Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bills

During the course of the past dozen or so years, cell phones have transformed from a luxury to a necessity. As a society we’re ditching our immobile landlines and going with the portability of cell phones. In the past few years the trend has picked up more steam as consumers have increasingly chosen the mini computers known as smartphones. The result is rising costs of

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How to Get the Best Trade in Value for Your Car

Getting the best deal possible from a dealer is vital – cutting down the amount of money you have to finance will help ensure that you’re not overpaying in interest fees. One way to reduce that amount is to put down a sizable down payment. Another important option is to trade in your vehicle. Of course, you need to know how to ensure that you get the

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7 Ways to Save Money for the Christmas Budget

Halloween isn’t even here yet, but it’s still time to start thinking about holiday gifts. If you like to go all out on Christmas – especially on decorations, gifts and food – now is a good time to put a little extra oomph in your budget. Here are 7 ways to save money for the Christmas budget.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Food

If you want to save more money on your regular expenses, you can start with your grocery bill. Food is a necessity of life, but you may be paying too much for your favorite foods. Here are five ways to save money on food.

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How to Save Money on Prescription Glasses

For those of us with less than perfect vision, prescription eyeglasses are an expensive necessity. Here are 6 ways to save money on prescription glasses.

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5 Tips for Frugal Grocery Shopping

The prices of just about everything from gas to clothing have been soaring, making it harder to stretch our dollars. There are ways to save money on the things we need just by being creative. We can save money on buying clothes by shopping at less expensive stores and catching sales. We can cut our gas costs by riding a bike or using public transportation.

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Save Money on Back to School Clothes

Now that school is back in session, it’s time to start thinking about back to school clothes. Some of us have already shopped and taken advantage of pre-school sales during August, but there are still some great deals to be had. Here are four ways to save money on back to school clothes that apply to children and college students.

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How To Save Money on Electronics

We live in an era of technological prosperity. Manufacturers are pumping out new gadgets seemingly every day, and we the consumers face numerous choices when buying new ones. Unfortunately, we don’t all have unlimited budgets so we have to pick and choose what items we really want. Here are a few ways to save money on electronics so you can buy more.

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How to Use an Envelope Budgeting System

Budgeting is something that many people can relate to doing. With the economy being the roller coaster that it has been, it can be difficult to rely on just the notion that you’ll get by. So many have sought out means of budgeting better, or at the very least a more effective means of doing what they have already been trying to do. If you

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7 Frugal Labor Day Activities

Labor Day is the first three day weekend after summer and is a great time to relax or work on some projects. Here are seven frugal Labor Day activities that are sure to brighten your weekend and keep your budget happy.

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