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Frugal Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

There’s no doubt that your dad is your backbone and best friend. Whether he’s an outdoors-loving, techie, DIY guy or a stylin’ daddio, he deserves the best he can get. Instead of buying the stereotypical tie for Father’s Day, there are hundreds of great gift ideas that the special man in your life would actually want (that are thrifty). From homemade gifts that the kids can

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A Quick Guide to a Frugal yet Fun Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a blast, but also blast your wallet if you are not careful. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, it is important to get on top of how you are going to make this one stand out. Here are a few tips and ideas to make this Father’s Day one dad will never forget. Grill his favorite meat Since dad is customarily always

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11 Tips to Lower your A/C Bill this Summer

Summer is here, which means that dreaded A/C bill is about to increase. The summer months tend to be the most expensive during the entire year, especially if you live in the southern states. The A/C is a wonderful invention, but it comes with a price. Follow these clever tips so you can stop stressing and lower your A/C bill today! Raise the Thermostat On average,

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Celebrate Mother’s Day on a Budget

Mothers have given us the greatest gifts of all, years of guidance and a lifetime of opportunities. For that, we owe them an endless amount of gratitude, which can make it rather difficult to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  If you’re like the majority of us, you’re probably just realizing that Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away and have no idea what to get

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Mint.com Expert Interview About Saving on Bills

This post originally appeared on Mint.com’s Blog. Bills are one part of life that almost everyone has to accept. What individuals don’t have to accept is how much they pay for those bills. Josh Sheehan of BillCutterz says that saving money on bills is something everyone should look into, and it’s what BillCutterz does all day, every day. The company helps clients reduce how much they spend

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How to Get Affordable Medical Care Without Health Insurance

If you decide to forego “Obamacare” and choose to self pay, how can you keep your health costs lower? Take a look at some ways you can get affordable medical care without actually buying health insurance:

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Top 10 Cheap Spring Date Ideas

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12 Easy Travel Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Even when you’re on a budget, there will be times when you just need to travel and get away from it all. The best way to make your vacation relaxing is to not spend so much that you get home and have to suffer the consequences for the next six months.

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10 Tips and Recipes For Making Natural and Organic Spa Treatments at Home

Having a spa day or visiting a salon regularly is a special indulgence that makes you feel fresh and beautiful. But while you’re beautifying your hair, nails, and body, you can be doing significant damage to your bank account. How do you get the benefits of paying for salon services and having luxurious spa days without the high expense? Do it yourself at home! And with organic ingredients!

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Top 10 Ways to Buy Organic Food on a Budget

The old adage that you can pay the farmer or pay the doctor is starting to resonate with the public. GMO-free foods are much more in demand, and are seen as more healthy. Buying organic foods has become a hot topic over the last few years and shoppers are increasingly looking to incorporate more organic foods into their families’ diets.

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