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Do You Care About Money?

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In my experience, there are three different attitudes about money. There are people who want more because they haven’t bothered to budget, people who just want more, and people who rarely think about money. Of course, there is overlap in those three types, but I’m not going to talk about that today.


Why is Money Important?

I took a philosophy class a few years ago, and one of the topics was money and happiness. The conclusion was that money doesn’t equate to happiness, nor does it buy happiness, but the absence of money makes happiness difficult to attain. In other words, you need money to be able to focus on being happy. And as I have written before, you need to be able to pay for your needs as well as indulge yourself sometimes.


Do You Have A Budget?

Many people who complain that they never have enough money typically don’t have a budget in place. A budget is just a tool to free you from worrying about where your money goes. Dave Ramsey says to give every dollar a job in your budget. When all the money has an assigned function, you won’t need to worry about where it belongs or what to do after your bills are paid. Another approach is found at You Need A Budget. It also starts with a zero-based budget. Without a budget, it’s very likely you will fritter away your money and have no idea where it all went at the end of the month.


Do You Just Want More?

Let’s assume you have a budget and are successful at maintaining it. Yet you still want more money. Let’s talk about why that might be. The general assumption I hear people make is greed, but I think it’s something different. Jealousy or selfishness of some sort is my thought. I admit as I scroll through various forms of social media, I am envious of the material things I see. I’d love a pretty new house, designer shoes and purses, vacations in exotic places, or a new car. But I know I don’t need any of those things to be happy! As a wise person said, “Don’t compare your life to someone else’s highlight reel.” You might see all that great stuff and think you deserve to have the same lifestyle. Again, are your bills paid? Do you have food to eat? Is there a roof over your head? What more do you really need?


Do You Never Think About Money?

If so, you are truly in a good place, both financially and mentally. As a good friend of mine said to me the other day, “It’s only money” as we were discussing a car repair. This is a friend who doesn’t have a new car, he just maintains his older one. He doesn’t live an extravagant lifestyle, but he lives well. His is the attitude I aspire to have someday.


Do You Need Help Getting Control?

BillCutterz is here to help you get control over your monthly bills. Our team of Savings Experts is truly amazing at what they do, and signing up with us only takes a few minutes. If you are already a customer, don’t forget you can always submit more bills to be negotiated. And while we take the time to make sure you are getting the best possible rates on your monthly bills, you can work on giving the rest of your money a job that will serve your needs best.

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