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Reasons to Be Kind to Yourself and How to Do It

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Reasons to Be Kind to Yourself and How to Do It


I’ve heard people comment that we are kinder and politer to strangers than we are to our friends and family. To add to that statement, I think most people are kinder to others than they are to themselves. I spent some time thinking about this and it seems true. So why is it that we are unable to be kind to the most important person of all, ourselves? Here are 4 reasons to be kinder to yourself, and 4 ways to do it.


What You Can Expect


  1. 1. Greater Overall Happiness

There is so much research that indicates if we are kinder to ourselves, it will lead to a higher level of optimism and happiness.

  1. 2. Emotional Resilience

If you focus on being kinder to yourself, you are more likely to have a higher sense of self-worth. And if that feeling is tied to your own treatment of yourself, you have control over it. As a bonus, you won’t need to rely on external feedback to measure success.

  1. 3. Lowered Depression and Anxiety

Of course, if you have clinical depression, simply being kinder won’t make that go away. But being kinder to yourself will certainly uplift your spirits and chase away a lot of worry, stress, and anxiety you may be putting on yourself unnecessarily.

  1. 4. If Not You, Then Who?

I love my family and friends, and they are great cheerleaders for me. But at the end of the day, it’s just me, and if I am not treating myself with kindness, how can I expect anyone else to?


Make a Personal Pact to Do These Things


  1. 1. No Self-Blame

Make a pact with yourself not to beat yourself up for mistakes. Take the time to figure out what you did wrong and how to do better going forward. Then let it go! You gain nothing by dwelling on past mistakes. Instead, focus on your successes, of which I’m sure you have many.

  1. 2. Set Goals

Having a goal gives you something positive to focus on that’s for your benefit in some way. Even setting a goal that will benefit someone else gives you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when it’s done. I’ve noticed on Facebook you can start a fundraiser for a charity to celebrate your own birthday. This past year I tried it, and the feeling when “my charity” met its goal was amazing.

  1. 3. Don’t Fit In

Be yourself. Sometimes that means you don’t fit in with the people around you, and that’s okay. Being true to yourself means that you might not always go along with the crowd. Looking back, you will never have to wonder why you lowered your expectations of yourself. Sometimes, being kind to yourself won’t be taking the easy path.

  1. 4. Ask for Help

Admitting that sometimes you can’t go it alone is perhaps the kindest thing you can do for yourself. There are plenty of things I can do myself, but the struggling to do something alone would be so much easier if I would just swallow my pride and ask somebody to help me. There are two kinds of things I’m referring to here: physical and mental. I can’t reach both ends of a curtain rod to safely take down the curtains, so I need help. I also needed help last year motivating myself to see a doctor to take care of some medical issues. Calling someone to give me moral support was hard, but the payoff was amazing!


About Asking for Help

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