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Homemade Gifts People Will Love

fun and easy homemade gifts

Over the years I have received all kinds of homemade gifts, and I really love the fact that people are willing to put their time into making me something. I have also given them and wondered if they are appreciated and used. In my opinion, it really is the thought that counts up to a point, but a gift should also be tailored to the recipient. With that in mind, I have compiled a dozen things that aren’t complicated, and I am sure will be happily received.


Food Items

  • A pretty tray or tin of cookies is always a great idea. If you don’t know the recipient very well you might want to skip nuts just in case of allergies. I love sugar cookies myself, and if you have kids it’s fun to decorate them together. This recipe doesn’t even require a rolling pin or cookie cutters!
  • Do you have a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe? A fun way to gift them is to make the dough, shape & freeze the cookies, and present them in a foil pan with baking instructions. I Heart Naptime has a free printable label here, I love printable labels since my handwriting isn’t super pretty.
  • Homemade jam or jelly is easy to make, for a change of pace, try hot pepper jelly. It makes a great appetizer on cream cheese with crackers or a glaze for broiled pork chops.


Adult Beverages

  • Limoncello is the easiest homemade adult beverage I can think of, and it’s refreshing any time of year. This recipe gives tips to adjust the alcohol level and sweetness.
  • Eggnog is my favorite holiday drink. Alton Brown shared a recipe for aged eggnog a few years ago, and it is amazingly flavorful and smooth. He says to age it a minimum of two weeks, so you’ll need to make it soon for Christmas. The recipe makes about 3 quarts so there is plenty to share.
  • Coffee liqueur has so many ways to make it ranging from using vodka to rum to tequila. To keep the cost down, vanilla extract rather than vanilla beans is a good idea. I have this recipe aging in my kitchen right now, and a preliminary tasting says it’s great.


Personal Care

  • Sugar scrubs are an easy way to pamper yourself, and so simple to make. Ikea has flip top jars in a 3-pack that would be perfect for gift-giving, or the 4-ounce jelly jars by Ball® would work.
  • Rice bags are so easy to make and come in handy for multiple uses. Heated in the microwave they give a moist heat that is soothing for muscle aches. Small ones can be tucked in your pockets as hand warmers if you are going to be outside on a chilly day. And a larger one can be used as a bed warmer! What a fabulous idea, I hate getting into a cold bed in the winter.
  • Whether you drink tea or coffee, keeping it hot and preventing it from burning your hand is a challenge. Here are 15 ideas for cup cozies of all different types.



  • A sewing kit in a large mason jar is handy and a fun way to present a practical gift. Several small spools of basic thread colors, a set of needles, small scissors, and some standard buttons will fit nicely and save someone a lot of frustration.
  • A spa kit in a jar would be great for a Secret Santa at work. You can include a bath bomb, a small scented candle, travel size luxury lotion, and a sheet mask for an evening of pampering. Or all the things for a pedicure at home would fit well in a jar.
  • Last, but not least, would be a food kit of some type. Homemade hot chocolate mix, a cookie mix, a scone mix, or a flavored coffee kit all sound wonderful.


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