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How to Make Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

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How to Make Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

Heads up, Halloween is fast approaching, and if you are participating, it’s time to get costumes planned! Many communities will have their ‘Trick or Treat’ day on the 26th or 27th this year so it will be on a weekend night. Take a minute to double-check so you aren’t caught off-guard by the doorbell.


Simple and Safe Costumes

Gone are the days of plastic masks that covered the entire face; now makeup, a hat, or at most a partial mask is safer. There are plenty of easy costumes that don’t even require a trip to the party store; here are some super easy ideas. If you aren’t crafty, put your kid in a pair of khakis, white button-down, a cardigan sweater, and some Converse sneakers, and voilà, Mr. Rogers. Do they watch Odd Squad? That would also be super easy to put together.

I have friends in California who love the Disney Bounding and I think this would be perfect for an adult party. I’m a big fan of costumes that make me laugh, I think the pun ones are great. Some of the couple ones might even work for a parent/child pairing for trick-or-treating.


Having a Party?

A party for kids wouldn’t be complete without a haunted house or creepy interactive stations. I remember putting my hand in bowls of ‘brains’ and ‘eyeballs’ inside boxes as a kid. Some simple party games could be plays on birthday games such as “Pin the Bowtie on the Skeleton” or any of these others.

As far as the grownups go, how about a Halloween themed trivia game about horror movies? Or for those who drink (responsibly please!), there are some fun shot games and others at this link. For mood music, here is a fantastic playlist or ask Alexa to play one from Amazon.


Candy is the Whole Point

Am I right? This is one time when you can’t do anything else; healthy and Halloween just don’t mix well. However, it might be a good idea to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project and offer some allergen-free items and some non-candy ones, too. The dollar store is a great place to get trinkets and small games to offer.


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