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15 Ways to Make Someone Smile

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15 Ways to Make Someone Smile

Today is National Smile Power Day! Do you know what the return rate is on a smile? I think it’s close to 100%. When you give a smile, you get one back…NICE! Smiles are free to give and to get, so get out there and create some smiles today. You’ll probably make someone’s day.

  • Compliment a stranger. Try something easy like complimenting something they are wearing. Simply say “Hey, I love that t-shirt!” It’s easy and they’ll be grateful for your kind words.
  •  Pay for someone behind you in line. This one can be anonymous. For instance, if you’re in a toll line or popcorn line, pay for the person behind you.
  • In a store or restaurant, find a manager and tell them about a positive experience. As a former retail manager, I always LOVED to hear good things about my staff or store.
  • If you see a little kid or baby, make a funny face, wave, or play peekaboo. I promise that child will smile, and most likely their parents will, too.
  • Ask someone for advice. And then actually listen to it.
  • Tell a neighbor how much you like their yard. If they have great holiday decorations, leave them a note that says how much you appreciate their brightening up the neighborhood.
  • Leave a positive Yelp (or any public site) review for a favorite business. You may not see the smile, but I promise it will happen.
  • Share a cat video. If you aren’t a cat person, share a dog video. You will smile picking one out and whomever you send it to will smile as they watch.
  • Do a chore for someone you know who doesn’t like doing it. I would smile for weeks if someone cleaned my bathroom for me.
  • Hold a door for someone. Here in Texas, I see this all the time, and I smile whether it’s for me or for someone else.
  • Use the person’s name you are talking to. It feels good to hear your name spoken out loud.
  • Text a goofy selfie to your significant other or best friend.
  • When you return a Redbox movie, tuck a note in so the next person can feel like they’re in for a good time. Anything will work like, “You’re gonna love this movie!”
  • Join the Free Hugs Project and give out hugs. Years ago, I saw this in person at a music festival, and the smiles were flowing.
  • Smile at someone first. Like I said, it’s almost a sure thing that you will get one back! It’s contagious. Pay it forward!

Make Yourself Smile

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