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How Are Productive People Different?

Sometimes I struggle with being productive, and I see people around me who manage their productivity amazingly well. I know there has to be something different productive people do, and I have done a bit of reading to figure it out. I picked my five favorite articles, and I found a consistent theme in them.


Focus on the Big Stuff

In other words, don’t give disproportionate attention to the small stuff. There are so many things in life clamoring for attention, but very few of them require more than a few minutes. Nick Fry says “Don’t Major in Minor Things”; that spoke to me. It’s a short phrase that is easy to remember and will save so much time every day.


Delegate the Small Stuff

If you are focused on the big stuff, how will the small stuff get done? Larry Kim of Mobile Monkey says to delegate it. He has two suggestions for it, automating repetitive tasks is my favorite. There are tools that can do many things for you, such as Subscribe & Save from Amazon. You set up a list of things you regularly buy, adjust the frequency of delivery by months, and Amazon sends them to you on a preset date. As a bonus, you will save between 5-10% on each item! It works for home or office supplies, the list of what is available is staggering.

Larry’s other suggestion for delegation is hiring a great assistant who will deal with the minutiae for you. Once you find someone who meshes well with how you work, they will be able to anticipate what needs doing and you won’t have to worry.


Have Goals

This sounds so obvious, if you don’t have goals, how will you know when you have accomplished them? Set goals that are SMART for the best results. If that is a new acronym for you, it stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Not only do they need to be measurable, but you also need to track your progress. Don’t fall into a mindset of assuming that big goals aren’t attainable. However, productive people believe in themselves, so stick to your vision. To make a goal seem more attainable, try breaking it down into more manageable steps.


Take Care of Yourself

It is so much easier to focus if you are healthy. That adage “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” is absolutely true. Eating well, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep all contribute to a sharper mindset. Being focused enables you to get more done, and that equals greater productivity. Another aspect of taking care of yourself is recharging to stay balanced; you can’t do that if you don’t leave work behind regularly and do something else. Marc & Angel write one of my favorite blogs; it is filled with positivity.


Have a Morning Routine

How you start your day can set the tone. Have you ever overslept and felt like the rest of the day was spent spinning your wheels? Getting up at the same time every day and being mindful of what happens, will set your day up for success. I love my morning routine, and it starts with making my bed every day and having a cup of coffee while I catch up on social media and the news. Then I feel ready to take on the world.


Be Mindful About Money

A continuing theme I read was to pay attention to money as well as time. Don’t forget that at BillCutterz we are committed to saving you both money and time so you can focus on the other big stuff in your life. It just takes a few minutes to sign up, and then we can go to work doing what we do best, cutting your monthly bills.





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