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The No-Hassle Factor

Have you ever heard the phrase “time is money” and wondered how to save both? I want to save money just as much as you, but I have a busy life and you probably do too. Sometimes that means I don’t have time to do the things that will result in saving money.


The No Hassle-Factor

Many years ago, a friend of mine commented, “I pay to get some things done I’m capable of doing myself.” His reasoning was the same thing as No Hassle-Factor; he just didn’t want to deal with the time or frustration of some tasks. I fully understood the concept and quickly adopted his mantra as my own.


What Makes Something Hassle-Free?

There are three main ingredients in this concept. I’ll explain how I see it and then how we try to keep it simple at BillCutterz.

  1. Does the process require too many steps?

Have you ever made a phone call to a company and had to go through multiple automated steps before you could speak to a real person? Often that person needs to transfer you to another person or department, and then you get disconnected, so you must start all over. That’s far too many steps and very frustrating.  We’ve all been there!

  1. Does this process leave a bad taste in your mouth!?

Being on hold is bad enough, but it can be even worse by hearing automated messages about wait times or listening to endless commercials for the company you’re calling. When on hold, pleasant music is the best thing to hear, so long as it’s not for 10 minutes or longer.

  1. Do the people delivering the experience add hassle even when the process does not?

If you get the right person on the phone quickly, and on the first try, how does it feel if that person is rude or just not helpful? That negates the rest of the positives as far as I’m concerned.


How Important Is Your Time?

Let’s revisit that phrase “time is money.” Something both time and money have in common is that once wasted or spent, you can’t get either back. BillCutterz is here to save you time & money and is hassle-free. Our business is truly the embodiment of the “No Hassle- Factor.” To sign up with us takes 3 steps and only a few minutes. You fill out some basic information on our website, upload copies of the bills you want to have lowered, and authorize us to negotiate on your behalf. That’s it. After that, our friendly, professional Savings Experts will take over, and you can relax knowing we’ll get you the best possible rates on your monthly bills without sacrificing service.


What Can You Do Next?

I’ve made a conscious effort to start making smarter decisions about my time and money going forward. There are so many things I would rather do with my life than wait on hold or pay more than I should for anything. I hope you will join me in this resolution to live a better life with more free time and No Hassle-Factor.

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