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How to Heat-Proof Your Lawn & Garden

Summer is heating up, and spending time working in the yard is the last thing you probably want to do right now. It is possible to put a little work into your landscape now to keep it looking fresh all summer without a lot of money.


Pick the Right Plants

The most important thing is to choose the right plants for your yard. Not only do you need to worry about cold-hardiness when you plant, but you also need to know what will do well in your heat zone. The USDA has a chart that helps you to see your zone; it will help you to skip some expensive mistakes. You can also look plants up to find out what their sun and water needs are. Try to plant drought tolerant ones if you are in an arid zone. The same goes for grass; plant a type that grows well in your area.


Protect the Roots

Both garden plants and grass will fare better if their roots are kept cool. To keep your landscape beds protected, a thick layer of natural mulch will do the job. There are lots of options for mulch; the Grumpy Gardener made a video about some of them. What he doesn’t cover in the video is how to use it. Spread a fairly thick layer, at least 2”, thinner right up next to plant stems and tree trunks. This will keep the roots cool and help slow the evaporation of water from the soil.

To keep your grass roots protected, mow at the highest setting recommended for your grass type, and never cut more than 1/3 off at a time. Grass will grow healthier roots if it is left a bit longer and that will allow it to deal with hot weather better.


Be Water Smart

Watering your lawn and garden doesn’t have to be expensive, you’d be surprised how little water it takes. A healthy lawn only needs about 1” of water a week, and it’s best to water deeply and infrequently to develop a healthy root system. Here are some tips for taking care of your lawn when it’s hot.

Watering plants isn’t difficult either. An easy way to water is with a soaker hose that you wind around through your plants; you can bury it under the mulch if you don’t like the way it looks. Run it early in the morning once a week or so for a few hours, and it will water deeply that way.


How will This Save Money?

There are two ways a healthy landscape saves money. First, by using less water, you are spending less money each month. Second, by keeping your plants and grass healthy, you won’t need to spend money replacing them. You will also conserve your energy and time so you can devote it to something more fun, like a pitcher of sangria with friends while you admire your beautiful yard from a shady spot.


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