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Maintain Your Car Now to Save Money Later

Smart Car Maintenance

Today I am going to talk about how spending a little money now can save you a lot of money later. Your car is probably important to you, and properly maintaining it can pay off in the future by preventing big repair bills.


Oil Changes

There is some disagreement over exactly how often to change the oil in your car, but everyone agrees it is the number one way to keep your engine protected. Advice ranges from every 3000 miles to twice a year, plus your manufacturer has a recommended schedule. Changing the oil and keeping the level correct is inexpensive in comparison to the problems that arise from not changing your oil. If you get it changed at a shop, the mechanic will also check for proper engine lubrication in the critical points.


Keep Up with Fluids

Oil isn’t the only liquid that is important. You should change the coolant yearly, and flush the radiator at the same time. Transmission and brake fluids should be on the list for regular maintenance based on your manufacturer’s recommendation. Look at the drips under your car to determine what might be leaking; water from your air conditioner is normal. But if you see oil or any colored fluids, it’s time to see a mechanic to get any leaks repaired.


Tires Need Love Too

Do you know how to check for road wear on your tires? Insert a penny into the tire tread grooves with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tires are at 2/32nds of an inch or less, and it’s time to replace them. Keeping them inflated properly will improve your gas mileage, and prevent uneven wearing of the treads as well. And don’t skip new valve stems when you get new tires. A failed valve stem can cause a nasty flat when you least expect it. Rotating them every 7500 miles will also help them to wear more evenly.

Tires also have a time limit for safety, even if they pass the wear test. If they are six or more years old, it is time to replace them. The rubber starts to break down as they age, and safety gets compromised.


Gas Type Matters

Depending on your car’s age and engine, different gas can make a difference in keeping your engine running well. If you hear a “knocking” sound, you probably need a higher-octane fuel. Higher quality fuels with protective additives can help as well.


Cleanliness is Key

Keeping your car clean may not sound like a way to save money, but making sure that road salt and other dirt is washed off will keep your paint looking better. Salt and grime can also cause rust, and corrode parts of your undercarriage. A regular run through a carwash at the gas station is better than nothing.

Maintaining your car’s appearance, if you plan to sell it eventually, will help it to keep its value longer. Protecting the dash from the sun by parking in the shade or using a windshield insert is an easy way to keep the interior looking good longer.

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