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Celebrate Earth Day on a Budget

Celebrate Earth Day on a Budget

Nowadays there are so many Nationally Celebrated Days of the year, it’s impossible to keep up. So far this month there has been a National ferret day, deep dish pizza day, peanut butter and jelly day and many more. While some can be quite silly, others are significant and celebrated for good reason; like Earth Day.

Earth day falls on April 22nd and is a worldwide event that showcases the importance of taking care of the one thing we all share, our Earth. We all could be better about practicing more eco friendly practices and lifestyles. Becoming consciously aware of the carbon footprint we’re leaving behind doesn’t have to be pricey. Read on to find out how you can celebrate Earth Day on a budget!


This is pretty much a no brainer, but it cuts down on tons of waste. If you’re not already recycling, call the city you live in to see if they provide a recycling pick up service or if there is a recycling plant where you can bring recyclables yourself. Tons of things can be recycled like metals, paper and cardboard, glass, plastics, batteries, bulbs and electronics.

Recycling can play a huge part in your kitchen as well! Recycle kitchen scraps like potato and citrus peels, egg shells, leftovers and much more into your own compost pile! Whether you have a garden or just a few trees in your yard, kitchen scraps can benefit all of the plants in your yard. If you have a neighbor that gardens, offer to recycle your kitchen scraps as compost for their garden!

Car Pool or Ride a Bicycle

In many large cities, car pooling services are provided to make it more convenient for citizens to share rides. It may not sound very appealing, but car pooling is wonderful on the environment and for your wallet! If work or school isn’t too far from your home, bicycling would be a great way to get there; not only are you leaving less of a carbon footprint, but you’re getting a great workout! If the commute is a little too long, many bus services have a bicycle rack so you can take your bike with you, cutting down on the distance you would have to cycle.

If you need more convincing, check out this “Commute Cost Calculator” to see how much you could save by car pooling or riding a bicycle to work or school!

Use Home Items that are Reusable

There are tons of items we use every day which can be replaced with reusable items. The best part is they only have to be bought once! Reusable water bottles, especially glass water bottles, can exponentially cut down on the amount of waste generated by plastic water bottles. On the same note, a home water filter can save big money and waste as well! Instead of buying plastic Tupperware, recycle old food jars and glass containers to save your leftovers! Find a huge list of disposable items that can be reused and recycled here!

More Ways to Go Green

  • Printing something that requires multiple pages? Use the double-side option to cut down on paper being used.
  • Buy canvas bags and keep them in your car to replace plastic shopping bags at the grocery store and retail stores.
  • Before going to bed and before heading to work, unplug all devices that aren’t being used like the TV, microwave, printers and other appliances. Just because they aren’t being used doesn’t mean they aren’t draining energy!
  • Have a clogged drain? Instead of pouring nasty chemicals to unplug it, try baking powder and vinegar! Make a baking powder slurry with water and pour it down the drain and let sit for about 20 minutes. Then pour vinegar down, then hot water!
  • For tons more green living tips, go here!


As you can see, you can celebrate Earth Day on a budget with a little creativity and ingenuity. Here at BillCutterz, we operate almost entirely using the internet, thus greatly reducing the amount of paper we use.  Let’s all step up and take responsibility to take care of our beautiful Earth; it’s the only one we have!

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