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Best Things to Buy at the Dollar Store

Being able to save a buck here and there on things you use every day can be a huge help. So we decided to put together a quick list of some of the best items to buy at the dollar store that will undoubtedly save you some extra money on some common items!

Kitchen Utensils

Chances are that a set of solid gold silverware you eat off of is not making your food any more enjoyable than it already is. Drop by the dollar store and pick up a few sets of the best knives, forks, and spoons that you can find and only be out a few bucks. And before you eat that delicious meal you just prepared you have to prepare it with something right? Dump the $12 dollar SpongeBob spatula you just had to have and spend a dollar on one that works exactly the same. The same runs true for plates, cups, and bowls. If you think people are going to judge you on the dinnerware you serve them dinner on, maybe you have bigger things you should worry about.

Seasonal Décor

I will admit I am like many others; I love to throw some big plastic turkey lawn ornaments out in the yard around thanksgiving to really ring in the fall season. However, those big birds have gotten expensive! Swing by your local dollar store just prior to any major season you plan on decorating for and make it look great for less! Finding seasonal decorations can be one of the best things to buy at the dollar store in the near future!

Health and Beauty Supplies

Health and beauty products for many people can be some of the most expensive recurring items that you spend your money on. Given that they are used on a daily basis (hopefully), it is easy to find yourself always picking up more of these products at nearly every trip to the store. Just like the previous items listed, almost all of the items you use on a daily basis can be found… for a dollar! From lipstick and eyeliner to Q-Tips and toothpaste, never doubt that almost all of your daily needs can be found for a fraction of what you normally pay. Although some may disagree, in reality nobody is going to look real closely in your ears and say yep, you bought the cheap Q-Tips didn’t you?

Everyday Items

This one might seem kind of obvious as well, but you would be surprised how many people will grossly overpay for products they could easily get for one dollar. Here is a quick list of some of the best everyday items that you can get for a dollar without sacrificing quality: Sandwich bags, aluminum foil, coffee filters, tape, wash cloths, cleaning supplies, air fresheners, dish soap, paper towels, etc. Spending less on these items will not only produce the same results as the more expensive ones but will also save you bunches of money in the meantime!

Office Supplies

Restocking the office can be a costly matter at times. What better way to save some coin in that area than buying dollar items. That chrome plated stapler you dropped $40 bucks on because they said you could staple 200 sheets of paper together isn’t really practical is it? From pens and paper to staplers and tape, reloading on office supplies can be a big saver especially for those heading back into the school season. Although some specialty items like ink cartridges and computer equipment may not be available for a dollar, almost everything else will be!

Party Supplies

This one runs along the same lines as office supplies. You would hate to spend a ton of money on party supplies that you will probably only use a couple times at best. Check the dollar store first and see if what you’re looking for can be found for less than party supply store prices. I bet you it can. From fun themed kid’s birthday parties to simple dinner parties, most dollar stores can provide good décor for these occasions and not set you back very much money.

I would totally agree that there are some things you just don’t go cheap on (macaroni and cheese mainly). However, I would also agree that there are plenty of things that you can afford to go cheap on without sacrificing quality. Keep these 6 groups in mind the next time you’re out and about searching for some of these items!

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