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5 Ways To Cut Down On Transportation Costs

5 ways to cut down on transportation costs

Even though gas prices have stayed fairly reasonable as of late, this doesn’t mean that your transportation costs as a whole have done the same. As you transition back into a new school year (with undoubtedly more driving), make certain your transportation costs don’t skyrocket. Here are a few quick helpers to make sure your wheels aren’t driving away with your money.

Auto Insurance

For most states it is required to have your automobile insured, but when it comes to cutting costs, this can be very bothersome. Luckily there are a few ways you can save money on your insurance! Find your policy, dust it off and re-read it! Make sure that you aren’t paying for coverage that is unneeded. Also make sure that you have the right provisions that match your needs. Compare the rates of your current insurer with rates of other national carriers. In about 5 minutes, get a free quote and see how much you can be saving monthly!

Take Public Transit

I get it, kinda obvious to throw this one out there at first crack but the more you think about it the more reasonable it becomes. Not only will you leave your gas sucking go kart on steroids at home and save the planet at the same time, you will undoubtedly extend the life of your precious piece of metal by incurring less wear and tear. Unless you live out in the Boondocks, chances are there is some form of public transportation near you.

Check out the local bus and train routes from where you are to where you want to go and calculate how much you can save by at least using public transportation a couple days a week. Granted it may not be feasible to do this every single day, but throttling back your NASCAR races to work every once in a while will surely save you some money.


Jumping in the Flintmobile with the whole family and having some drop offs happen can also be a great way to save not only a little extra money on transportation but car use as well. I know everyone wants to drive their own car to work or anywhere else to have the flexibility to leave for lunch or what have you, but by doing this you are spending lots of unnecessary money just for your daily McDonalds trip around noon.

Finding the most efficient route to everyone’s destination in one vehicle can be a quick way to cut down on transportation costs in a flash. If the man in the relationship can set his giant ego aside and deal with being dropped off and picked up by his wife, couples and families alike can be sure they will save some extra money on their wheels this year.


Have you ever seen those sweet movie scenes where a man and his trusty dog (in a sidecar of course) are cruising down the LA freeway with some shabby racing goggles and matching leather hats on their 1950’s vintage Harley? I know we can’t all be that cool, but just imagine the ridiculously good gas mileage they are getting! You could be this cool however and decide to dump the gas guzzler for a more fuel efficient (and undoubtedly more stylish) bike of some sort.

Not only will you get that suave windblown hair look that is sure to turn heads, you will be saving gobs of money by downsizing to a bike. Another similar option is simply buying a pedal bike and using it at least 2-3 days per week for transportation. This concept may be a bit more feasible for families with two cars, so they can keep one on backup for rainy days. Better  yet, if you’re bold enough to sell you’re only car for a death tempting, money-saving crotch rocket…then go for it!

Keep Your Car in Great Condition

You don’t have to have an Ivy League Degree to figure this one out but hey, you would be surprised at how many people just blow it off. Getting regular tune ups on your car can save lots of headaches and more importantly money down the road. Make sure your big ticket items are regularly checked like oil, tires, and overall engine health. Neglecting any one of these items can have you literally pedaling your Flintmobile with your feet before you know what happened. The same thing applies to how you drive. Take simple steps like braking sooner and slower, instead of slamming the brakes. When the light turns green, don’t slam on the gas either. These are little steps, but can save you big bucks in the long run!

With the kids getting back into school soon and maybe a heavier work schedule picking back up for mom and dad, transportation costs will without fail go up for most people in the near future. Make sure you periodically check back on these 5 quick ways to cut down on transportation costs and see which of them you can do better! Safe Travels!

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