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What’s in Your Bathroom? Spring Cleaning Tips

What's in your bathroom?

We’ve talked about spring cleaning before, and we’ve talked about some of the more creative ways we save money. But we haven’t combined the two – yet. One of the things many of us do (especially here at BillCutterz!) is try to get as much as we can from everyday products. Sometimes this means we’re fighting to squeeze out every last bit of toothpaste, and sometimes it means re-using razor blades when you really should be replacing.

In order to celebrate nothing at all, we’re giving you an inside peek into what’s still in our bathrooms that really shouldn’t be there, and a few tips so you don’t let it happen to you.

Really, Really Old Junk

The most common thing found on our spring cleaning adventures was expired medicine: your typical cough, flu and allergy meds, as well as expired opiates left over after a long-ago dental surgery. I even found a bottle of Tylenol that expired in 2003 – and the best part is that bottle made it through 5+ college moves with me.

Fix: Go through your cabinets occasionally and throw stuff out.

Forgetting to Replace Stuff

My stepmom got me a Culligan shower filter to help with our unfortunate tap water, and I’m still using the replacement filter it came with when she bought it…three years ago. The dated sticker that is supposed to help remind you to change the filter had disintegrated completely. This also applies to things like air fresheners, those automatic toilet cleaners, your toothbrush, etc.

Fix: Sign up for Amazon Subscribe & Save and never forget again.

Dull & Dangerous Razors

Another common offender is dull razor blades. Apparently, you’re supposed to replace these every 4-6 weeks, but I haven’t kept up with that rule.

Fix: Sign up for Dollar Shave Club and get blades shipped right to your door.

Not Ever Cleaning

Some of us at BillCutterz are really good about cleaning, while a couple of us aren’t at all. If you let the filth get away from you, it can take on a life of its own, as evidenced by the dirty shower/tub to your right. Don’t let your bathroom turn into that! I’m guilty of not cleaning my bathroom enough.

Fix: Clean! (Or hire/beg/coerce someone else to clean for you.)

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  • Posted by Lisa Griffin on Sep 9, 2015

    This article is so true! We don’t clean our bathroom so often. And when we do it it’s a real spring cleaning! Of course is better when you use natural cleaning products as well. I like green cleaning! Best regards!

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