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How to Survive the Summer Heat on a Budget

How to Survive the Summer Heat on a Budget

We are currently in the hottest month of the year in the United States. July and August top the lists with record setting hottest days. Find out how to survive the summer heat without blowing your budget.

Prepare Your Home

There are several quick fixes you can do to your home to make sure you’re keeping it at a cool temperature for less. Here are three:

Change Your Filters: Dirty A/C filters force your air conditioning to work harder and use more energy to keep the temperature where you want it.

Invest in Thermal Curtains: Thermal curtains help keep your cold air inside during the summer and keep the hot sunshine out, allowing you to use less energy. They also work with keeping warm air in during the winter.

Check the Hot Water Tank: Turn down the maximum temperature on your water heater to expend less energy. Cold showers feel better and lower your body temperature during the summer heat anyway. A suggested temperature would be around 120° F.

Appliance Use

Since large appliances use lots of energy and release extra heat into your home be sure to pay attention to how you use them. For example, fill up the washing machine and dishwasher to get maximum usage out of the water and energy used, and wait until the coolest parts of the day (preferably night time) to run them. Another good idea is allowing the clothes and dishes to air dry after washed. Instead of using the oven and stove, either grill outside or use a slow cooker or pressure cooker (they expend less energy).

Utilize Fans

Investing in ceiling fans, box fans or higher quality tower fans or air circulators can really make a difference in your home during the summer heat. If you’re lucky enough to live where there is consistently a good breeze outside, go ahead and open the windows and turn off the A/C.

Dress for the Heat

Natural blends of fabrics like silk, cotton and linen keep you cooler than synthetic fabrics. Since everyone else will be walking around with very little clothing, wear shorts, tank tops and open shoes whenever possible.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated, especially while outdoors. Eating juicy fruits like watermelon, grapes, berries, oranges and pineapple will also help to keep you cool.

Lower Your Electric Bill

Some of the above tips will help to lower your electric bill by decreasing the amount of energy you use. To save even more, send BillCutterz your electricity bill to make sure you’re getting the best rate possible.

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  • Posted by Hima Dev on Sep 10, 2013

    Filters are one of those parts of an AC that needs constant notice and attention. The clogging of air filters is the main reason behind a faulty AC. So make a schedule to clean them.

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