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Common Sense Frugal Tips

Common Sense Frugal Tips

Saving money is an act a lot of us claim to be good at but in reality not many of us in the Western world know what it is to be truly miserable. The last time things have been really bad and what we give as the greatest example of a crisis in the United States and subsequently the world was during the Great Depression. Well the conversations I’ve had with old folks some years ago and what they told me about their spending habits during those days made me wonder. Today we claim we do everything we can yet we are so used to the services provided by companies around us that we fail to use our own heads when it comes to many things around our homes. Here are some common sense frugal tips.

Be thankful for what you own

A lot of us seem to miss the point when it comes to what it is being truly poor. You don’t know what it is until you have nothing on your table, wondering what it is you’ll eat for the following week because the stores are empty and production has come to a halt. It happened in some countries in Europe and the ex-Soviet block when the Berlin wall fell when a massive food stamp regime was implemented and food rationing was in effect due to poor management of resources. When I spoke to people who lived through something like this it made me appreciate the amount of choice we have in the West and the plenty and diversity you see in the stores. There are always situations a lot worse than ours.

Learn to fix problems yourself

A lot of the issues which pop up around our home can be easily remedied if we do a little research. Blogs, how-to websites and the internet in general are a wonderful resource which offers so many tutorials on various topics that we barely need outside help. Consider this next time you believe yourself in need of professional help. Look up a tutorial and help yourself instead of relying on expensive services.

Shop smart

You should do most of your shopping off-season when retailers are trying to get rid of all their clothing and seasonal merchandize. During these times they will lower prices significantly and any smart shopper knows this is the right time to act in obtaining what you needed last year. This may mean you won’t exactly be at the top of the fashion trends but you will save money and you’ll find ways to use the allocated resources for better needs.

Learn how to preserve food

When times are hard food preservation techniques can be a real boon if you know what you’re doing. Mostly a European tradition nowadays, this is something very useful you can learn from. If you are blessed with having your own garden where you’re growing organic vegetables and fruits then you will be set with nice and yummy jams, pickles and so on. In times of crisis these long-lasting food supplies will save you.

Avoid credit cards and loans

Although they may sound like a useful way of having money on hand at all times you have to understand that they are overall the bane of today’s economy, creating an ever-growing inflation and devaluation of currency. That is only the tip of the iceberg however since every penny you take out of the bank you’ll have to pay with extra as you already know. Proper resource and money management is a much more valuable skill than relying on loans and “easy” money.

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