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8 Best Budget and Money Management Tools

8 Best Budget & Money Management Tools

Unless you’re super rich, you probably need to keep track of where your money is going each month. One of the easiest ways to do that is to use one or more of the many tools available online. Here is a list of the 8 best budget and money management tools that will work for most households and allow you to sanely keep track of your finances.


Mint is one of the most popular budget webapps available and has been around for several years. You connect your online accounts including checking and savings, credit cards and more and Mint will automatically download your transactions into one convenient dashboard. It’s easy to see exactly where your money is going so you are always on top of your finances. One of Mint’s best features is its ability to learn your spending habits, categorize your transactions and give you beautiful reports on your finances.


Manilla is a new webapp that touts itself as a bill organizer where everything is in one place. Like Mint, you connect your online accounts like checking and savings, but you can also connect your provider accounts. Manilla makes it easy to see all of your monthly bills (including subscriptions like Netflix) in one place.


BillCutterz isn’t a webapp like Mint or Manilla, but is a great money management tool to help you save money. How it works is you send them your monthly bills, like your cell phone, cable and satellite TV, Internet, electricity and so much more. Then BillCutterz calls your service providers and negotiates a large discount on your behalf, without sacrificing service or switching providers. Find out how much you can save with BillCutterz with their savings calculator.


Wave is an accounting webapp that is designed for small businesses and freelancers, but they have a personal finance section that works great for individuals and households. Even their accounting portion will work for you if you want to get that detailed about your finances. You can connect your online accounts like Mint and Manilla and Wave will download your transactions. Wave will learn your habits and automatically categorize transactions to make things easier.


PearBudget was originally designed as an app to work inside a spreadsheet program like Excel. Now it’s a paid webapp ($4.95 per month) that is perfect if you’re new to budgeting. It’s simple to get started and very easy to learn. Try out PearBudget with a free 30 day trial and see if this is the budgeting app for you.


Buxfer is a budgeting webapp with free and paid accounts. The free account offers plenty of features for the casual user, such as regular budgeting, split bills, automatic tagging and a mobile app.  Connect your online accounts to Buxfer and keep track of your spending.


Yodlee for consumers is also similar to Mint and Buxfer. You can connect your online accounts and download transactions to manage your accounts in one place. They offer mobile apps so your finances are always at your fingertips. Yodlee is actually the application that Mint and other apps are built on. Why go through Mint when you can go straight to the source?


Mvelopes is a free online envelope budgeting app. Connect your online accounts and see your finances organized on the principle of envelope budgeting. This is a very easy principle that many people adopt when they dread budgeting altogether. Mvelopes also supports net worth tracking and online bill pay.

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  • Posted by Celine on Feb 19, 2013

    Even the super rich need to keep track of their money, otherwise they may wake up one day and wonder where all their richness has gone. This is a nice roundup of money management and budgeting tools one can choose from. It’s a pity though that my favorite tool https://www.inexfinance.com didn’t make the list.

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