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Best Apps for Saving Money

Saving money can sometimes be a time-consuming process and customers do not always spend a lot of time thinking about what they are going to purchase. Many purchases are made impulsively. For this reason, some of the best money saving apps are those that help customers quickly find ways to save money. However, there are many other helpful money saving apps, including apps that allow users to make phone calls from anywhere.

Key Ring Rewards

Key Ring Reward CardsThere are numerous reward cards and membership cards that help users save money. However, these cards are difficult to organize and many users will forget to use many of their cards. This leads to savings opportunities that are missed out on.

The great news is that users can use the Key Ring Rewards app to catalog all of their rewards and membership cards on their smartphones such as iPhones and Androids.

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon SherpaCoupon Sherpa is a coupon app that makes it easy to save money. It uses your phones built in GPS to automatically pull up coupons, and coupon codes at your location. You can set up filters that allow you to show only the stores you want to see. So if you have a multi store shopping trip planned it will only show coupons and deals for the stores you are going to.

Impulse Saver

Impulse SaverImpulse Saver is an innovative app that allows users to press a button to immediately allow for a pre-selected amount of money to be deposited into a savings account.


SkypeWhile it seems silly to add Skype to apps that save you money, users who make a lot of international calls will save a lot of money by using Skype. This program allows users to make international calls at a local rate. It also is a completely free instant messenger, which allows people to text without a fee.


GiftmeisterThis app is great for the upcoming holiday shopping season. People usually overspend on gifts for friends and family. By entering in a budget for each person, it will give you gift suggestions that are in your budget. If you want to narrow down the suggestions, it can do that also. Just enter their gender, age, and their favorite hobbies, it’s smart enough to show you gift suggestions based on that criteria.

Amazon Mobile

Amazon MobileCustomers who are going shopping may impulsively decide that they want to purchase a particular product. The problem is that there is sometimes an anxiety that they are not getting the best possible deal. The Amazon Mobile app will allow users to scan a bar code and determine if they can get a better deal for a product elsewhere.

Tweet What You Spend

Money seems to evaporate and many people might wonder where their money goes throughout the month. One way to find out is to use Tweet What You Spend. This is a program that will use Twitter to keep track of sales transactions at the point of sale, allowing users to then categorize their expenses. Users can then determine if there are any ways to cut expenses. For example, if a big chunk of the monthly expenses come from groceries, users can focus more on using Grocery IQ.

Mobile devices have opened up a larger variety of possibilities for saving money, given that money-saving applications can be taken directly to a physical store. Choosing the right apps can help mobile users make sure that they will never pay too much for a product.

Charles Pearson has worked as a contract tech writer for 5 years. He has specialized in IT and consumer software applications.

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