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5 Tips for Frugal Grocery Shopping

5 Tips for Frugal Grocery Shopping

The prices of just about everything from gas to clothing have been soaring, making it harder to stretch our dollars. There are ways to save money on the things we need just by being creative. We can save money on buying clothes by shopping at less expensive stores and catching sales. We can cut our gas costs by riding a bike or using public transportation.

One of the biggest necessities in life is food. We have to have food in order to survive. But, there are ways to save money when grocery shopping too. Since this is one of the expenses we can’t get away from, we need to know how to do frugal grocery shopping in order to stretch our dollars. Here are five simple tips for frugal grocery shopping.

1. Clipping Coupons

Clipping coupons is a age-old remedy for saving money on groceries you buy regularly. You can find valuable coupons in newspapers, magazines and online. Coupons are really useful for trying out new products. That way, if you don’t like it, it didn’t cost you much to try it out. Even simple 25 cent off coupons can add up over time. Coupons can also help you save money on your food storage plan preparation.

2. Prepare Foods from Scratch

It simply isn’t frugal to buy foods that are already prepared. A box of mac n’ cheese can feed a family of four. But, by making your macaroni and cheese dish from scratch, you can feed the same four people multiple times. The next time you go grocery shopping, buy a bag of macaroni, a big block of cheese, butter and milk. The cheese, butter and milk are essential items you can use for other meals. The macaroni can be added to your food storage and used as you need it. Keep this frugal tip in mind the next time you think about buying any prepared food item.

3. Buy Foods in Bulk

This may not be a frugal grocery shopping tip when you see items your family hardly ever eats in bulk. But, for foods your family eats a lot of, you can really save money by buying in bulk. Some foods that are great for buying in bulk are juices, condiments, canned goods, meats and cereals. Some of the stores that offer good values for bulk food purchases include Wal-Mart, BJ’s and Costco. Shopping in bulk also allows you to have enough food to eat now and store some in your food storage for later.

4. Make a Grocery List

Grocery shopping without a grocery list can cost you more in the end. Not only will you forget things you really need, you miss out on your chance to search online or check newspapers and “junk mail” for good deals. Go through your kitchen to see what you’re out of and write them down. Be sure to add a few items for your food storage each time you shop.

5. Do Your Shopping at Frugal Stores

Try to find stores that have low prices for high quality foods. Another good idea for frugal shopping is to shop at stores where you earn points for shopping. Some stores allow you to use your points to buy items at a discount price. Others offer cash-back incentives. These stores keep track of the foods you buy most, and will give you coupons on these items with each purchase.

Just because food costs keep rising doesn’t mean your family has to go hungry. Inflation shouldn’t effect the quality of the foods you buy either. By using these five simple tips, you can lower your grocery costs quite a bit. Whether you’re doing your regular grocery shopping or shopping for your food storage plan, saving money on food is essential to stretching your dollars.

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