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3 Ways to Go Green to Save Money

3 Ways to Go Green to Save Money

How many times have you wondered about the amount of destruction that you are impounding upon mother nature and wished that you could go the environmentalist way and mend your deeds? But haven’t you always been thwarted by skeptics who have always told you that going green is something for the affluent, and someone who is not a millionaire can never afford it! Well, here is this piece trying to debunk this myth and trying to show you 3 easy ways in which you can save the environment and save some money in the process:

1. Carpool

Here is an exercise for you. Find out the budget sheet and the expense sheet for your last complete financial month and tally all the vehicle related expenses that you have incurred. This will include payments for insurance, taxes, maintenance and not denying the ever present devil, the fuel prices. The summed up amount will come in a few hundreds of dollars.

You would have been able to save on this complete amount or at least a significant amount of it in case you had been using the carpooling system that is available in your neighborhood for your day to day travelling needs. This would also mean that you are causing a lot less pollution by sharing the car that people travel in which in turn brings down the number of cars that are running on the road and burning the precious fossil fuels.

2. Grow Your Own Vegetables

Have you ever tried to find out the amount of money that you spend on vegetables for your household consumption every month? Well, let this be in front of you. The amount that you spend on vegetables in the average household runs into hundreds of dollars and you can be saving a significant portion of this when you start your own vegetable garden in the backyard of your house. The only cost that you will be incurring is the seed cost of the vegetables and other manures and small scale equipment for the same.

On the other hand, your contribution to the going green drive would be immense as you will not only be discouraging the purchase of chemically grown vegetables and fruits (which significantly harm the nature) but also adding to the number of trees (no matter how small in scale) to the neighborhood.

Adjust Your Water Heater’s Temperature Settings

You can downsize your usage of the water heater by using it at lower temperatures and bunking other usages of hot water in order to save on some electricity. You can easily bathe in water that is not scathingly hot and ensure that you wash your clothes in cold water unless otherwise specified.

The electricity you save is not only a bonus to your wallet but is also a bonus that you provide to the going green movement all around the world.

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