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7 Frugal Labor Day Activities

7 Frugal Labor Day Activities

Labor Day is the first three day weekend after summer and is a great time to relax or work on some projects. Here are seven frugal Labor Day activities that are sure to brighten your weekend and keep your budget happy.

Last Minute Vacation

By booking a vacation now, you’re guaranteed to get some incredible rates. Hotels want to rent every room so take advantage of last minute openings and cancelations. Check out Groupon and Living Social to snap up any vacation packages at rock bottom prices.

Enjoy a Staycation

Instead of getting away for your long weekend, enjoy a relaxing staycation. Tell your friends and family you’re taking a mini vacation if you don’t want to be bothered. Rent some movies, start a new book or just unwind.

Fall Cleaning

Use this time to finish up any projects or start new ones for the fall – clean out your gutters, give your house a deep clean or replace that siding the neighbor’s dog damaged. Even if you spend your long weekend working around the house, it’s an energizing break from the work world.

Shop Smart

Labor Day weekend is a great time to scour your local retailers for the best sales. You have some back to school promotions, as well as summer clearance and new fall lines. Look for coupons, pour over the sale ads and get some smart shopping done during your three day weekend.

Go Camping

Early fall is the perfect time to go camping in most of the U.S. because temperatures are cooling off, but it’s not too cold to spend the weekend outdoors. For a frugal campsite, try your local state and national parks or even your own backyard.

Get Crafty

If your family likes crafts, this weekend is the perfect time to make something. Whether you’re working on a few small projects or one large one, it’s a great time to get crafty. Google is full of project ideas for you to get started.

End of Summer Splash

Since summer is officially over, go out on a wet note by taking a trip to a nearby river, lake or ocean. If you don’t have a good place within easy travel distance, try your local pool. You can even create your own water park with garden hose attachments and a slip n’ slide.

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