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Eating on a College Student’s Budget

Eating on a College Student’s Budget

College students are usually broke so they sometimes get creative when it comes to their food budget. Here are 6 ways to eat well on a college student’s budget.

Creative Recipes

There are many websites where you can find recipes that are cheap, but still healthy and filling. One of my favorites is $5 Dinners. The recipes are creative and fun, but also very frugal at under $5 each.

Eating like a college student doesn’t mean you’re stuck with pizza and Ramen noodles.

Meal Planning

Once you’ve got your recipes, plan your meals accordingly. You’ll have to spend a little more time choosing which items to buy and when, because of sales and coupons, but the extra money saved is worth the effort.


Produce is significantly cheaper when it is in season. Yesterday I was able to get a large pack of strawberries for only $1. That same pack costs over $4 in December. If you aren’t sure when your favorite items are in season, visit our Best Time to Buy guides.

Grocery Shopping

Find out the best time to go grocery shopping for your area. HEB stores in Texas run a Meal Deal every week, and if you go on Wednesdays, you get two deals. If you buy their main course item (steak, fajitas, turkey breast, etc.), you get other items free, like salad, cheese, and dressing.

Time it right. There are also certain times of the day that you are more likely to find sale items. Just ask the manager when they typically put out specials and mark down items.


As always, take advantage of the coupon game. Clipping coupons has gotten so easy because of the Internet – most of it is done online. There are tons of coupon websites, like Coupons.com and Verified.codes.

Most grocery stores also have their own coupons so make sure to look out for those. You can typically pair a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon to save even more.


An article about a college student’s budget wouldn’t be complete without tips to buy beer frugally. While you typically can’t find coupons for alcohol, at least in Texas, you can still save money by switching to cheaper brands. If you can brand hop, only buy what is on sale to maximize your savings.

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