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How to do less laundry

How to do less laundry

Laundry is not only a chore, but it can get expensive, especially if you don’t have your own washing machine. My apartment complex charges over $3 to wash and dry one load of clothes and I don’t even know how much for-profit Laundromats charge. Here are some ways to reduce the amount of laundry you do.

Do a spot check

There are a few options for removing spot stains and my favorite is the Tide To Go stain remover pen. Another good option is Shout wipes. You can buy a bundle of one-time use wipes for a few dollars and they will get out most stains with little effort. These products tend to work best if you use them when the stain is fresh. You can also use regular detergent to remove spot stains, but it’s not as handy when you’re out and about.

Smell it

Americans have higher standards of personal hygiene than many other countries and most of us know this. The average person can wear items multiple times without anyone ever noticing. If your jeans smell a little funky, spray them with Febreeze. If your clothes need a little pick me up, toss them in the dryer for a few minutes with a dryer sheet.

Wear an apron

If you tend to get the messiest when you’re cooking or cleaning, wear an apron. This will save your clothes from spills and allow you to re-wear clothes more often. Use the same apron every day until it really, really needs a wash.

Hang up your clothes

I tend to wear the same pair of jeans for a week or so, sometimes alternating pairs to keep things interesting. At the end of the day, I hang them up to avoid wrinkles and dirt so they’ll be ready for me in the morning.

Shower before bed

Having a clean body sleeping in your bed means your sheets will last longer. Think about it, do you really want your entire day to be in bed with you?

Use towels more than once

I’m not sure how many people wash their towels after every use, but it’s certainly not me. Towels that are only used for drying a clean person don’t need to be washed. Hang them up to dry to avoid mold and reuse for a week or two.

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  • Posted by Vanessa on Apr 7, 2011

    I also like the Tide pens- they are wonderful for removing fresh stains. I always carry one because my kids are very messy.

  • Posted by Christine on Apr 7, 2011

    Another tip is to separate your dirty laundry into heavy and light fabrics. Heavier fabrics need to be dried longer while a load full of light fabrics can dry in 20 minutes.

  • Posted by Janice on May 16, 2011

    I hardly ever use the Drier – I put the washing on the washing line whenever possible. If it isn’t fully dry, I put it on an airing rack inside.

  • Posted by Brenda C on May 30, 2011

    Keep your fan on to pull the excess moisture out of the air and your towels will last even longer.

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