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6 Money Savings Tips for a Night on the Town

6 Money Savings Tips for a Night on the Town

When you’re on a budget, having a night out with friends becomes a rare event because it can get very expensive. It may seem like your only options are to either spend a small fortune or miss out on the fun and stay home, but that’s not the case. Here are some ways to save money while still having a fun-filled night on the town.

Be the boss

The easiest way to ensure you don’t overspend is to be the coordinator of the group. Since you’re in charge, you can choose which restaurant, which bars and clubs you all go to. This is the easiest way to make sure you don’t end up at that bar that charges $14 per drink or has a high cover charge.

Use public transportation or carpool

If you’re living in a big city, chances are public transportation will be a great resource to save money. This will also mean you don’t have to have a designated driver. Just make sure no one gets too feisty and ends up with a charge for public intoxication. If this isn’t an option, you can still share a cab to offset the cost.

Be on the lookout for specials

Bars usually have specials, especially on the weekends. Be aware of what they are so you can get the best deal. There is no shame in asking what the drink specials are and only ordering those drinks. You can also call around before you go out to see which bars have the best specials. Most big cities also have a way to check for local events, whether it be the newspaper, a specific website (like MyOpenBar) or just Craigslist. Check out Yelp, Facebook and Trip Advisor, the three websites most establishments post at regularly.

Avoid that cover charge

Cover charges can get expensive, so try to find bars that don’t have them or go on nights where you won’t be charged. Many bars have cover-free nights for women so if you’re going out with a group of gals, this could save you a lot.

Cash only

By only bringing a certain amount of cash and no credit card, you can ensure that you will not overspend. Pay for drinks as ordered and don’t start a tab. Make sure to save enough for bus or cab fare if that’s how you’re getting home so you don’t get stranded downtown.

Stick with well drinks & order talls

Top shelf liquor may taste better, but it comes at a steep price. Well drinks are usually $3-5, while top shelf drinks can be $9-15 or more. If you want to splurge, go top shelf your first round and stick to wells after that. Once you’ve got one drink down, you’re less likely to notice the difference.

Another great way to get more bang for your buck is to order tall drinks instead of shorts. You get the same amount of liquor, but 2-3 times the mixer so your drink will last much longer. You can also ask the bartender to freshen up your drink when you’re halfway through and sometimes they’ll even give you an extra shot.

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